Outdoor Activities- A Companion Of Your Weight Loss Regime
May 21, 2019

Outdoor Activities- A Companion Of Your Weight Loss Regime

Where eating selectively and exercising consistently are the foremost measures of reducing weight, outdoor activities are their effective facilitators as they aid in keeping the body tissues functional, building up strength and burning calories.

Walking is the simplest activity in this regard. Studies have proven that 10 minutes of brisk walking three times a day for 5 days a week is enough to stabilize the aerobic health.

You can achieve this by walking to the workplace, school or gym if it is nearby. Have a snack on the way or listen to your favorite songs to cut the distance. Make a plan for achieving this goal. The simplest practice is to have one phase early in the morning, one before sleeping and the other in between.

Buy a pedometer to keep a track of the walking distance you cover to keep you focused. Covering a mile in 17-24 minutes burns about 85 calories for a 160-pound person. Increase the number of miles to burn calories consequently.

The extended version of walking is running and it regulates the glucose levels and constructs cardiovascular strength along with contributing towards weight loss. A 140-pound person running at 6 MPH burns 318 calories in 30 minutes.

It wouldn’t be easy at first if you are not a runner previously. Your legs will ache and you will be out of breath in no time but like every other aspect of life, if you remain committed, you will start generating results.

Use any sort of gadget to calculate the calories you burn. You need to burn 2500 calories to reduce one pound of fat so this is a pretty good standard for your running scheme. The relationship between running and calorie burn is highly affected by gender, weight, incline, and speed.

If you can manage to include swimming in the outdoor activity’s list, it would be great. Not only does it reduces body fat but is an excellent activity for building lean muscles, enhancing body resistance and strengthening the joints.

Generally, one hour of freestyle swimming burns 600 calories if a person weighs 130 pounds. The number of burned calories increases ascendingly with the weight of the swimmer.

Consequently, cycling is a great way too. You might have seen a bulky cricketer, footballer or a long jumper but very rarely would you sight a cyclist who is not lean. As a fact, many Hollywood stars who need to transform their bodies according to an upcoming movie role utilize this activity widely.

An average person sheds around 450-750 calories per hour of cycling. You can get a more accurate amount by using an online Weight loss calculators. Make a wiser decision today, and buy the best hybrid bike for the money to make your weight loss trip without getting tired or uncomfortable. Road and endurance bikes can take you on long commutes and seamlessly you'll shed your weight.

Going on hiking trips is another outdoor activity that not all can benefit from. Hiking doesn’t necessarily mean walking up the mountains and craggy hilltops.

Covering long distances across the country is also regarded as hiking, however; hiking on a mountainous terrain would scrap off more calories than on a grassy ground.

The burned calories highly depend on the terrain, pack weight and intensity of the hiking however generally, a moderate hour of hiking burns about 550-700 calories for a 140-pound person.

Outdoor Activities- A Companion Of Your Weight Loss Regime