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Tips To Buy The Right Elliptical Trainer For Your Gym

Everyone who trains hard in the gym knows the importance of elliptical trainers. Due to their many cardiovascular and muscular benefits, they are the fastest-growing equipment in fitness categories. Elliptical training combines  stair climbing, cross-country skiing, and low-impact running resulting in an intense lower-body workout. It is a highly efficient cross-training activity viable for beginner exercisers and elite athletes.

To select a top Elliptical for gyms, you must know the difference between different trainers, know what flywheel weight it is, and finally, the best trainer that offers the best value. The article further discusses the most vital buying criteria. It follows the tips to choose the elliptical trainer machine and avoid the cross trainer, which is uncomfortable, unstable, and breaks down after a few uses.

The Flywheel weight

The weight of the flywheel is among the main things you must carefully look at when you purchase an elliptical trainer machine, as it affects the comfort, quality, and pedaling fluidity. A flywheel light from 7 to 10 kg results in a sudden and unpleasant jerk when pedaling.

The weight also determines the wheel resistance to change speed or acceleration. In simple words, higher flyweight weight results in more resistance than you will notice when accelerating. Therefore, you'll have to offer more pedaling effort to reach a specific speed (you will only reach the max speed).

Magnetic or mechanical resistance?

With mechanical resistance, you increase pedaling difficulty after turning the wheel, while it is possible to change the magnetic resistance from the trainer console directly. The latter also means a motorized braking system. Nowadays, all elliptical bikes are available with magnetic resistance, which ensures better comfort and lets you follow cardio workout routines with automatic resistance change levels.

Frequency of usage

The proper selection of your elliptical cross trainer is primarily based on your long-term fitness goals.

  • For occasional use

  • If you wish to be back into any sport or be in shape, you can choose a cross trainer with simple programs and manual adjustments with some basic display information. Such trainer models are simple, making them perfect options for occasional usage.

  • For regular use 

  • For toning up or losing weight, select a model with many programs to keep you motivated to exercise. Such models are perfect for regular training.

  • For intensive use

  • You should select a model with more features to develop performance and endurance. Such models are meant for intensive usage and offer better programs, coaching solutions, and heart rate monitoring.

    Coaching Features

    With different cross trainers, you get additional features. Fundamental indicators on cross trainers offer the information you need for starting, i.e., exercise time, speed, distance, average burnt calories, etc.

    Many programmers (like performance development, weight loss, etc.) and tracking heart rate are perfect for changing workouts, tracking progress, and developing performances.

    You must look for heart rate strap models for the best heart rate accuracy.

    Compatible applications cross trainers offer you customized workouts based on your physical goals and ability. You can enjoy your activity under the guidance of a real coach.

    Elliptical trainer quality and design

    Carefully consider whether the trainer bike has durable metal parts or plastic ones. The cheap elliptical bikes are the plastic ones that are less solid than the high-end motorcycles explaining differences in large part prices. Select an elliptical trainer that you want as it stays in the living room or the bedroom.

    Safety and maintenance features

    For the top Elliptical for gyms, you can look for the safety features securing the equipment when it is not in use, like locking features for keeping pedals moving or the machine from getting started.

    • Maintenance – You can search for a maintenance-free product. A well-designed unit considers normal wear and tear, so you will not need to.
    • Warranty – An elliptical trainer is an electronic equipment. The quality unit is a long-term investment that, with regular usage, would later need service. Most quality units offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. Regarding other components, you should search for a guarantee that provides at least a year of labor or a minimum of 1 to 3 years of part coverage. Know about the covered components. Also, be sure that the warranty has electronics with other main components.


    With the tips listed above, you get the best elliptical trainer under your desired budget with many functions and features. All ellipticals have their benefits with significant strengths.

    Whether you’re looking for various daily workout programs, want monitoring features, or wish to have Bluetooth connectivity, there are many preferences for each. If the elliptical features need to be better, you can select one priced under budget to get an affordable elliptical trainer.