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Push Through or Take a Break? Reaching Peak Fitness After an Injury

Reaching your fitness goals and taking your training to the next level is something you are constantly striving to do. It is important to take your training programme seriously, but you also need to be aware of how your body feels and how far you can actually go. Putting your athletic training on hold might be necessary from time to time, especially if you’re recovering from a recent or past injury. If you’re not sure whether to push through or take a much-needed break, here are some tips to help you recognize where you’re at in terms of your training.

Reaching Peak Fitness After an Injury

Take Recovery Seriously

Coming back from an injury is not something to be taken lightly, especially if you have been advised by your doctor to ease your way back into exercise again. You may want to use the compensation you can recover after the accident to look into a professional physiotherapist, who can guide you through the right exercises to regain strength. This process will take time and you will need to be patient throughout, even though you may want to jump straight back into your pre-injury training program. As well as considering the physical toll on your body, you also need to think about recovering mentally too. If your injury has considerably affected your life and your family’s life, you need to take a break and prevent yourself from pushing on too quickly. Sometimes a long recovery period is needed and this will help you come back even stronger.

Don’t Push Through Pain

Pain is not something you should be experiencing when you’re coming back to training after an injury. Although you may feel some discomfort, you should never feel as though you’re pushing your body and pain thresholds to a further limit than normal.

Accept Your Rest Days

Rest and recovery days are so important, especially if you are coming back after a recent injury. At first, you may feel as though rest days are more frequent than training days; this is all part of getting back on your feet and regaining your strength again. You may think that reaching peak fitness and performance involves training every single day without fail. Luckily, rest days are a fundamental part of reaching your goals as they allow your muscles to rest, rebuild and repair. Listen to your body and make sure you consult a healthcare professional if you are unsure about what you should be doing with regards to exercise.

Ultimately, your health is much more important than your personal bests and fitness goals. Although it can be very satisfying to keep pushing through, you don’t want it to cause you any long term damage. If you experience an injury, have an accident or go through another blip in your training it’s important to take it slowly and ease your way back into your normal routines again. Consult your personal trainer or a health professional if you have any queries or concerns regarding your physical health. Hopefully, you recover quickly from any issues and you can get back to your full picture of health in no time!