6 Apps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
July 01, 2019

6 Apps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Are you looking for apps to help you exercise, and shed all those annoying pounds? Do you need an app to help you keep track of your calorie intake? Are you perhaps in need of an app that can help you train better to gain weight?

You’ve come to the right place. The following apps can help you reach your fitness goals, so read on to see which is right for you. 

Note: All of these apps offer a free trial after which you can decide whether or not to use their premium versions.


If you’re looking for a personal fitness trainer to help with your heavy lifting at the gym, Fitbod is your app. It uses AI to learn from all your workouts and hit you with a personalized plan for your unique needs.

It creates a plan perfect for your strength-training ability and available gym equipment. It also makes changes to your plan depending on the set of muscles you want to work out, and your recovery state. 


Flex is ideal for a free, all-in fitness app with made-for-you workouts. This platform learns exercises as you do to provide routines that feel like a perfect fit for your skill level.

Flex lets you be your own gym accountability buddy. Keep track of your body weight, BMR, daily calories burned, and more with comprehensive in-app tracking tools. You can also evaluate your fitness habits and see how well you’re sticking to your workout plans with the calendar feature. Plus, get workout stats on all your tracked exercises and challenge yourself to beat your records!

And if you’re more team player than solo superstar, Flex’s leaderboards allow you to make it a game. Take on your friends and users worldwide to generate some friendly competition.

Flex uses machine learning, plus science-approved trainer insights to create bespoke exercise programs. Access hundreds of workouts designed by personal trainers that cater to any equipment or time restrictions you may have. You can also get creative and modify your workouts as needed. So fire it up, launch Apple Music or Spotify directly through the app for some tunes, and get ready for your best workout year yet


8fit provides you with customized at-home workout plans that match your fitness level, as well as personalized meal plans for keeping you healthy. It’s like having both a personal trainer and nutritionist one click away.

The app also lets you track the progress of your workouts and meals and reach your daily milestones. You also get daily challenges and various tips for helping you follow a healthy diet. 


Aaptiv is a fitness app for everyone. It gives you access to thousands of workouts, from yoga and indoor cycling to strength training, outdoor running, and much more. It customizes your plan to fit your fitness goals and lets you download any workout you want. 

You can also get expert tips from trainers that can help you reach your goals faster, and more effectively. Aaptiv also lets you create your workout playlist, so you can get moving to the music you like. 

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is ideal for runners. Whether you’re just starting or you’re an experienced runner getting ready for your next race, this app can help you get faster and stronger.

You have audio-guided runs for motivation, personalized coaching plans, custom music playlists, and you can track your progress with GPS. You can also connect with fellow runners in the app, and engage in some friendly competition. 


Keelo provides you with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) programs for full-body workouts, which last between 7-20 minutes. They’re very fast-paced and intense, but they’re also very effective.

There are instructional videos to help you out, and you can personalize your workouts to fit your goals. You can also keep track of your progress and all the burned calories. 


Sworkit is perfect if you don’t have much time for working out. You set the time, choose your workout routine, and get started with excellent video workouts that expert personal trainers created.

You can train for a few minutes a day or choose to engage in an intensive 40-minute workout – it’s up to you. No matter your fitness level and goals, this app can help you get leaner, fitter, and stronger in as little as six weeks. 

Apps Not Available in Your Region? Get a VPN 

If any of these apps are not available in your region, you can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. A Virtual Private Network will mask your real IP address, replacing it with a fake IP.

This means that it will virtually place you in a different location, so you’ll appear as a local user whenever you want to access geo-blocked content. 

You’ll also keep all your data safe and secure, since you’ll be anonymous online, and no one will be able to monitor your activity.

If you decide to get this service, avoid getting a free VPN because it’s not very safe to use. Many of them contain malware, they’re usually brimming with malicious ads, and lots of them sell their users’ bandwidth.

What’s more, they limit your data, slow down your internet, and keep track of your online activity. Also, if you want to unblock Netflix, you can forget about it if you go for a free VPN.

Find a reliable provider that offers a high-quality premium service at an affordable price, as there are plenty of those. Then choose one, or more, of these fantastic fitness apps, and improve your fitness level in no time.

6 Apps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals