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Bad Habits Preventing You From Losing Weight You Don’t Realize You Have

We all have bad habits, and some are harder than others to break. But in your efforts to lose weight, eliminating these bad habits from your daily routine is crucial.

All too often, you’ll see people and they’ll be talking about everything they’re doing to lose weight, yet they’re constantly complaining about how they’re not losing. In your mind, you’re probably thinking it doesn’t make any sense. How can someone be doing all of these seemingly effective thighs to lose weight and still not lose?

The reality is that people don’t really like talking about their bad habits, especially in relation to weight loss. Of course, they’re going to tell you how they’ve been taking the stairs every day and getting more proactive in their house chores, as ways to boost physical activity in their daily routine. But what they fail to tell you is how they stop and grab large mocha frappes with whipped cream every morning on their way to work. And just FYI, the average 20-ounce mocha frappe from Starbucks has 500 calories or more.

Had you known that detail, it would make perfect sense why that person isn’t losing any weight, right? Of course. And a lot of times with bad habits, you don’t even realize you’re doing certain things and how they’re bad for you because you’ve done them for so long.

If you’re making efforts to lose weight but feel you’re not seeing any results or progress from your efforts, you probably have some bad habits you need to break.

Bad Habits You May Have That are Preventing You From Losing Weight

You’re Eating Unhealthily Healthy

All too often we think we’re eating healthy foods but really aren’t. Things like frozen meals and shakes that are marked as “healthy” on the label should be an immediate sign for you to check the label and check the ingredients. These types of “healthy” foods are typically full of sodium and sugar that work directly against your weight loss efforts.

Salads are another way people think they’re eating healthy but really aren’t. People eat salads to get their daily intake of green vegetables in but the misleading part about salads is that you can “dress” them up… It’s the dressing up that makes salads become unhealthy. We tend to overload our salads with heavy salad dressings, fried chicken tenders, bacon, and croutons; Before you know it, your salad is piled so high you can’t eat all of it!

To get your daily intake of green veggies, consider simply drinking all-natural green juice.

Eating Late at Night

Life happens and sometimes you don’t get a chance to eat dinner until seven or eight o’clock at night, and that’s just simply not good. When you eat late at night, your metabolism has already slowed down by that time so you’re not going to walk off the food to help it digest better. And because it’s so late, you’re more than likely going to eat your food and then get in bed.

Oftentimes, people will skip lunch either to not being hungry or not having time to eat. So by the time dinner rolls around, they’re extremely hungry, which causes them to overeat. But because they didn’t eat lunch, they feel like it’s okay that they’re eating at that time because they basically haven’t eaten all day.

The only thing about that is that when you eat late, the food you just ate sits in your stomach, causing your body to just take in all those calories. Weight loss is practically impossible if you don’t break this habit.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Believe it or not, sleep deprivation can cause your body to hang on to fat. When you sleep, your body actually burns calories when you reach a certain level in your REM cycle but staying up late and waking up early doesn’t allow your body to reach that level, thus, leaving you feeling groggy, moody, and lethargic. Consider putting yourself on a sleep and wake schedule of the same time every day to bring consistency to your routine, and to, more importantly, achieve your goal of weight loss.

Bad Habits Preventing You From Losing Weight

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