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5 Habits That Boost Your Level Of Physical Activity

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Physical activity is described as the movement of your body’s muscles that requires the use of energy. Such activities can range from moderate to vigorous activities. The aims of physical activities are to:

  • Enhance cardiac and muscle fitness
  • Improve mental health like depression
  • Improve the bone functionality
  • Weight control and energy balance

For you to enjoy these benefits, experts recommend that you aim to perform at least 30 minutes of exercise daily or 150 minutes of physical activity weekly. Your schedule and lifestyle may make it difficult for you to stick to routine physical activity. Therefore, there is a need to develop a habit to enhance your level of physical activity. Here are some of the things that you can do to boost your physical fitness:

1. Start doing more outdoor activities

To snap out of a sedentary lifestyle, you need to start putting yourself out there. You could start cycling in the park near you for fun and slowly ramp it up. For you to keep up the cycling spirit, you could get a bicycle motor kit to integrate into your normal bike.

A motorized bicycle comes with assisted pedaling meaning that you can take it for a spin even on the days that you do not feel like exercising. Spending time outdoors will slowly encourage you to develop an exercising habit and subsequently boost your overall physical activity.

2. Take the stairs

When you live or work in a flat, you should start taking the stairs. While this might be challenging at first, you should start small by going up or coming down two floors daily.

Sometimes you may accidentally take the lift. When that happens, you should ensure that you go down using the stairs. To make this a habit, you should do the same when you go to the mall and other places with a flight of stairs. When you normalize this behavior, it will become second nature to you.







3. Go for walking meetings

A walking meeting is a meeting that you perform while you are moving around. When your job requires you to sit behind a desk all day, the only walking you do is to the bathroom or for lunch. While this might inhibit you from developing a habit to increase your daily physical activity, you have to be creative to keep fit.

One of the things that you can do is ask your colleagues to go for walking meetings with you around the block. While this may not work for meetings involving many people or with senior executives, you should reserve this idea when you are meeting smaller groups. 

4. Get proactive in house chores

According to the American Heart Association, house chores count as moderate exercise. If you thought that chores do not matter, now you know! When you mop, scrub the floors, prune your garden, or carry heavy laundry baskets, you are flexing your muscles in a way.

If you do not enjoy doing any of these chores, you can play some music either salsa or rock and roll to keep it fun. When you get your groove on, you can start incorporating exercise into your cleaning routine.

For instance, you can do lunges as you vacuum, stretch when taking out the cobwebs, or twist when cleaning and arranging dishes. Before you know it, you will be looking forward to cleaning days. So, start cleaning! 

5. Dance! Dance! Dance!

Whether you have two left feet or you are a pro, you should start moving those hips! Dancing is an effective and fun way for people of all sizes and ages to exercise. Dancing helps you improve motor, muscular fitness, and endurance. It doesn’t have to be a serious routine.

You can get people you live with to dance with you to make it exciting. You should tune to a pop music channel and attempt to follow the dance steps that you see other people doing. Given how addictive dancing can be, you will find yourself looking forward to it.


Developing a habit to do anything is a personal choice. Whether it’s cycling, climbing the stairs, cleaning, dancing, or going for walks, when done routinely, it increases your level of physical activity.

It is not possible to introduce such habits to your lifestyle overnight. For this reason, you have to be consistent and determined for it to work. While you may want to give up at times, remember the mantra, “no pain, no gain!”

5 Habits That Boost Your Level Of Physical Activity

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