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5 Tips for Getting a Sculpted Six-Pack Fast

Everyone wants the perfect body, and nothing says summer-bod like sculpted six-pack abs. There are a variety of fantastic CBD products from companies like NuLeaf Naturals that are designed specifically for recovery, so you have no excuse not to work your hardest.

Fitness doesn't come easy. You all know you can't expect to have a six-pack if you sit on the couch all day eating pizza, but even people that workout weekly have a difficult time building abs.

Developing a six-pack takes commitment to a controlled diet, an undying motivation to workout, and a level of self-discipline that are the reason abs are sexy in the first place.

You have to earn your abs, but it can be done and in a relatively short period of time. If you pay attention to the following tips and tricks, you'll be doing laundry on your washboard abs in no time.


Your diet is one of the most important parts of developing beautifully sculpted abs. Eating fatty foods just isn't going to cut it. You need to shift to a diet that's low in fat and high in protein. 

A Lot of bodybuilders eat predominantly protein. This doesn't mean you can hang out and eat steaks all day. You need to make sure that you're eating lean meats that aren't going to clog up your arteries. Salmon and chicken are the meats of choice. Salmon is rich in omega 3s and is loaded with lean protein. 

Chicken is also a protein packed meat that won't put on the pounds. The thing you need to remember about eating chicken is that the tastiest parts are the worst for you. I love nothing more than eating the skin off of all the fried chicken, so I sympathize with you, but not only is this practice rude to everyone else who loves fried chicken skin, it's a great way to get fat fast.

Chicken skin just isn't going to help you on your journey to six-pack abs. Everyone loves a chicken skin sandwich, but you need to stick to skinless chicken or salmon if you want to look your best.


Without hardcore cardio, theres no way your going to burn all that fat off your tummy. You need to drop the chicken skin and run. Running is a fantastic form of cardio but it may be uncomfortable at first. 

Untrained knees can get easily fatigued when you first start running. Feeling your belly bounce up and down is also uncomfortable. Probably the worst part of running is feeling your thighs chafe together. If you're busting your hump doing cardio, we recommend greasing up your thighs so you don't have to deal with uncomfortable chafing or rashes.

It's wholly important to keep up with your cardio if you have any hope of having six-pack abs. Cardio allows you to shed fat and keep your body functioning at its peak. If you're serious about getting abs fast, you need to do cardio every day.

Self Discipline

The only way you're going to get abs is with a ton of self discipline. You need a regimented workout and a strict diet. If you don't have any self control and gorge yourself with fatty foods, your abs will stay forever hidden under a layer of fat.

There are two key components to having abs. You need to have a good diet and workout daily. If you skip on either one of these, you're never going to get that sweet beach bod everybody wants. 

Even a thin layer of fat can hide your sculpted abs, so if you're working hard but eating poorly, you're not going to get the results you're after. The inverse is also true. If you eat really well, but you don't work out enough, you'll be thin but you won't have any abs to show off. 

Maintaining your self discipline in regards to both diet and exercise is of the utmost importance. It's not easy to regulate yourself and it's even harder to ditch bad habits. But, if you can find the power to control yourself, you'll be able to charge people to take pictures with your abs.

Every Day is Training Day 

This point can be stressed enough. When you step into the world of six-pack abs, there's no going back. This isn't just a club that you can waltz in and out of as you see fit. Once you have a six-pack, you need to work on it everyday. Six-packs need nutrition, sunshine, and love.

Make sure to keep your six-pack exposed as much as possible. This will motivate you to keep that stomach tight. I'll also show the world how hard you've worked to look like a boss. 

If you want six-pack abs, work hard, take that shirt off, and watch that diet!

5 Tips for Getting a Sculpted Six-Pack Fast