Science Based Six Pack: Review
May 11, 2018

Science Based Six Pack: Review


Being thin and having a perfectly toned body are two different things. If you are someone who is trying out clean eating in order to achieve your dream of having a ëflat stomachí, chances are that despite actually losing weight, you are still not getting those abs.

Now is the time to say goodbye to this struggle once and for all! Thomas DeLauer, one of Americaís leading fitness instructors has designed this science based six pack, a six-pack abs program, just for you! The program introduces a quick and simple way to achieve six packs by doing intermittent fasting and six pack workouts.


About Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer is a certified fitness trainer from NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), who has dedicated his life to make it easier for people who want to achieve a good looking and healthy body. Being a model, fitness trainer, and bodybuilder; his experience and extensive research has to lead him to plan a program which not only easy to follow but is also effective in a long term.

About his program

science based six pack

His program relies heavily on intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a scientifically backed method to not only lose weight but also reduce body fat. While most people believe that losing weight ultimately leads to a flatter stomach, and lesser body fat, this is not true.

While a major percentage of your body fat would go away with weight loss, some of it keeps coming in way of achieving a toned body. Thomas DeLauerís program addresses this problem by his six pack workout regime in the program. This six pack abs program is well-researched and comes with guidelines.

Often, in the pursuit of achieving a beach body, we forget taking the essential nutrients necessary for maintaining the health of our body, instead, we merely cut our calorie count dramatically. Thus, these guidelines are essential to help you follow a sensible weight loss regime.

Part I: Fasting

lose weight

This program promotes healthy eating. However, unlike other diet programs, it does not revolve around an unreasonably strict calorie restriction, or completely giving up on your favourite foods.

However, the main feature of this program is controlling the time of food consumption, rather than the food consumption itself. This allows your digestive system to rest and later work efficiently in order to burn more body fat. One of the major hurdles in losing weight for some people is a hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance. While an average person can lose weight by diet and exercise, these people cannot.

Intermittent fasting helps in regenerating cells, balancing hormones, and making your body more sensitive to insulin. This makes it an ideal method that caters to everyone. According to Thomas DeLauerís program, your first snack of the day is to be taken at 4 pm in the afternoon and having dinner at 7:30 at night.

Although healthy recipes in the programs are delicious and easy to make if you have the best enameled cast iron dutch oven,  you can have whatever you want at this time! That is right, whatever you want! From 9:00 pm to 12:00 am, you can keep snacking. It is important to stay hydrated with lemon-water or simple water throughout the day.

Part II: Six Packs workout

Science-Based Six Pack comes with a set of videos helping you at home to achieve your ideal body. This workout program is known as shred fast workout. You also get free supplements for the first month, that makes the six pack workout more effective.

It is important to know that these supplements are clinically approved and completely safe to consume. Benefits of Thomas DeLauerís program

  1. Flexibility: Unlike other programs, this one expects you to be a human being. You do not have to give up your favourite food, spend hours in the gym. The program is flexible and allows you to eat whatever you want it the designated time, and has six pack workouts that you can do at home.
  2. Meal Plans: You do not have to spend a fortune to follow the healthy recipes by buying expensive ingredients. Majority of the ingredients used are affordable, and readily available everywhere.
  3. Supplements: It is easy to forget to monitor your daily intake of vitamins and minerals when on a diet with calorie restriction. Not only does this diet leave little room for that mistake, but also comes with supplements. The supplements for the first 30 days free days are free.
  4. Everyone can follow: This is one of the only few methods of losing weight that caters to everyoneís needs. The program allows people will insulin resistance or other hormonal problems to also take successfully take parts and see the results. Although it suitable for everyone, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a nutritionist before you start.

Part III: Take Proper Rest

If you really want to make those great abs, it is necessary that you take proper rest after your workout. 
On average, a person should get 7-8 hours of sound sleep every day. This gives time to your body to heal as well as recover. 
Sometimes when you are taking less of sodium and sugar, it may happen that you aren't able to get a good night sleep. In that case, you can use a weighted blanket which will make you feel warm and cosy so that you can sleep faster. 

Science Based Six Pack: Review