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5 Best Fitness Apps That You Can Use to Stay Fit and In Shape

Fitness has now become the buzzword for everyone, irrespective of profession, age, gender, and body type. You’d be surprised to know that more than one billion people across the world are obese or have a high BMI (Body Mass Index). A healthy diet and an active lifestyle is the only way to curtail your body fat or stay slim.

The higher body fat is not just unnecessary. Still, it often serves as the root cause of several health-related issues in people, including high blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and many more. But you can easily avoid health issues by using some popular health and fitness apps.   

For your help, here’s the list of necessary health and fitness apps that you should use in your daily life to stay in the best of your shape and size.

Though unlimited health and fitness apps are available worldwide, these apps are sufficient for your health needs. In addition, you only need an Android-compatible handset or iPhone (depending upon the apps’ compatibility) to start.

Top apps for health benefits and fitness in 2023


Strava is perfect for health-conscious people. The app silently records everything when you run on a treadmill or casually on the boulevard near you. The app focuses on real-time data to give you the most accurate results. Using Strava, you can get to know how many calories you’ve burned, the total distance covered in the last 60 minutes, and other information. Strava also supports a global heatmap through which you can find new routes to travel. It’ll elevate your overall fitness experience and make the entire process much more exciting.


Centr is a popular app endorsed by famous Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth. The app features a lot of useful workout programs and videos through which you can practice them at home. Starting from pilates to interval training, this app has got you covered. You’d be surprised to know that these programs have been developed and curated under the expert supervision of Hemsworth’s professional fitness trainer. The app also offers mindfulness courses for mental wellness.

CorePlus Connected

You can also take a look at online pilates classes to explore additional fitness activities and options. Don’t forget that you can easily take part in pilates classes right there at home. There is no need to visit a gym for it.


It is one of the most flexible and versatile health apps that you can come across. It keeps tracking your exercise stats, and daily calorie intake, besides allowing you to set your personal fitness goals and work on them. The app lets you explore over 350 plus cardio and strength training moves for maximum fitness. It also gives vital tips on food and diets to keep you healthy. Interestingly, you can easily download the app to both iPhone and Android.


Glo is another fantastic app you can try to get in the right shape and size. It has advanced features through which you can improve your sleep quality, reduce your anxiety, and learn more about strength training. Through this app, you can also keep a tab on your favorite yoga trainers and stay up to date about their latest yoga classes. You may need to subscribe to its paid versions for advanced features and functionalities.

Nike Training Club App

Nike Training Club can be your personal fitness training guide. It is free and can be easily obtained on iPhone and Android-compatible handsets. Once you turn the app on, you’ll come across several exciting workout videos which you can imitate to fulfill your health goals. The app also offers dedicated expert tips and fitness quotes to help you learn new exercise techniques and improve your overall experience.

The app has multi-week fitness training programs through necessary workout and diet tips. It also lets you know better ways to enjoy tight sleep and feel rejuvenated after waking up. The app is ideal for both beginners and experts. Anyone who wants to stay in optimum shape and size can use the app.

Summing Up

The list can go on and on. There is no shortage of fitness apps online. However, it depends upon your choice, budget, and requirement which one you choose.

All the given apps are effective and popular. So without waiting further, you should download and install any of these apps and start working towards your health goals.

5 Best Fitness Apps