workout for women
April 25, 2018

Four-Week Weight Training Program for Women

For every woman who tries to lose weight and get fit, there’s something important you should be aware of. It usually takes longer periods for women to lose weight than the men.

The worse hit is if you have had a baby, you may need to invest more time for weight training program. would always mention that for a woman to lose weight, she has to do the same thing a man does like burning more calories than she consumes.

Nevertheless, women can do certain things in order to speed up their weight loss. This is so because you definitely need some energy to do the training. It takes some work to effect this change and you need to stay committed to those changes on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, most women lack the willpower to religiously maintain the step by step training for weight loss.

Common Mistakes

  • Working at a low intensity: A number of women do maintain this level. They engage in more workouts in their quest to burn fat. Conversely, it is appropriate for women to engage in a higher intensity because three workouts a week can greatly assist in burning more calories and that is exactly what you need to lose weight.
  • Doing much cardio: Women often choose cardio over using their energy and this at times put them at risk of having an injury and losing more muscle.
  • Neglecting other types of programs: It is observed that women often ignore some weight loss exercises that involve the use of energy. Their reason is the fear that they may grow some unnecessary muscles and they strongly doubt if it will help them lose weight. Nonetheless, energy training is a key factor for a successful weight loss.

If you are taking a decision to begin weight training, do not worry because this article is for you. I will explain a four-week weight training program that is designed to assist you in shedding weight.

If you religiously follow this four-week program, you will see yourself establishing a foundation of strength and agility, and you will be transformed into an adorable look.

An important guideline to note is that you need to do this routine two times a week. On each week, the moves will remain the same but as time goes on you sure need to develop a staying power and make the routine tougher by creatively changing the methods of the training program such assets, rest, load, or reps. (I will explain this later).

Again, you need to observe two days of rest in between your strength training days; nevertheless, you can indulge in cardio on those days of rest.

Please note that cardio is not a bad method of weight loss exercise; it is rather not ideal for any individual who intends to do a long-term weight loss training program and weight maintenance.

Like I said before, it takes some work to effect this change and you need to stay committed to those changes on a daily basis. 

Below is a break-down for the four-week weight loss training program for women:


Do a full exercise in each workout. Take for example, you do one set of leg presses and take a rest for thirty seconds, do a second set, rest and then do it the third time. After you have done this, then move on to the next exercise.

Now, this is how you will complete all movements in your workouts; do a full twelve reps of all movements for each of the three sets, and then take a rest for at least thirty seconds immediately after each set of exercise.

Select a weight load in which the last two reps of every set are very difficult such that you may not be able to do a thirteenth rep. the result is that the weight load for each of the twelve set may have increased and at the same time maintaining the twelve reps for all three sets.    


During this period, you will still maintain the Straight Set method for the two workouts. This is when you will run a full circle of fifteen reps of all movements for three sets and then you are allowed to observe fifteen seconds rest immediately after each set.

So, at this second week, you’ll have to achieve more tasks with a little time. I strongly believe that this is a great motivation that will increase your desire for body fitness.    


In this week, you will do a mix up of the entire workout program. Rather than do the Straight Sets only, you’ll do a complete workout in a circuit style. What this means is that you will complete one set of each exercise for fifteen reps and immediately switch to the next movement without observing any rest although.

Let’s just say on the first-day workout, you’ll have to do your first leg presses for fifteen reps and then, move to the goblet squat style and also do fifteen reps as you carry on to the next exercise without having any rest throughout that session.

After you have completed these four movements, you can now have rest for at least one minute before you go ahead to do it again for two more times.


This is the last week for this training and during this period, you will do the entire four full circuits and note that you don’t have to rest during this workout session. This last lapis designed in a way where you need to keep rotating your circuit. That is, once you finish a set of workout, you have to begin another round of workout again.


Looking good is a serious business especially when you have to do a lot to lose weight. If you’re engaged in too much cardio, you may not achieve a favourable long-term result.

It is rather advised that you involve other energy exercises like running, cycling and observing the four-week routing training and at the end, you won’t believe how strong you will feel.

workout for women