4 Exciting Tips for Promoting Your Personal Training Business
May 18, 2019

4 Exciting Tips for Promoting Your Personal Training Business

Discover how to market your personal training business and get more clients!

4 Exciting Tips for Promoting Your Personal Training Business

There's something comfortingly predictable about fitness. There are fluctuations but for the most part, you get out of it what you put into it. Working hard enough will bring success.

That isn't always the case with business. Your success as a personal training business depends on your work as well as other people's decisions. If you're ready to boost your bottom line, try these tips.

How to Promote Your Personal Training Business

You already know the basic things you need to market yourself: a web presence, social media profiles, and business cards. Here are more strategies you can add to your toolkit.

1. Network, Baby, Network!

Networking is one of the most crucial and beneficial things a business owner can do. It's also one of the least expensive.

Most cities and towns have networking events on a regular basis. There are networking groups on Meetup in any area, and you may find events on local event calendars. 

Remember that these are business events, though. Gym shorts may be "on brand," but at a networking event, you need to dress for business.

2. Think Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses. In addition to client referrals, think about how other local professionals can help too.

Reach out to gyms in the area who don't have their own trainers. Talk to doctors who can refer their patients who want to get into better shape. Introduce yourself to leaders of local weight loss groups. 

If possible, ask to leave some of your literature in these business' lobbies for their patrons to peruse. If you can't, leave business cards with your contact so they can refer people if they choose to.

3. Institute a Referral Rewards Program

As helpful as professional referrals are, you can also boost your client referrals. Try adding a referral rewards program.

If a current client refers a new client to you, give a discount to both the new client and the current client. This gives your clients an incentive to spread the word about you.

It also gives the new client a reason to drop their friend's name. If they don't get a discount for naming their referrer, they're likely to forget to do it.

This only works if your clients know about it. Tell them each at your next session and remind them from time to time.

4. Sign Onto a Team

If you aren't crazy about advertising your business, you can sign on with a network of personal trainers. These are companies who handle the business of getting you at home personal trainer clients.

The companies will take a cut of the profits but you can think of it as a replacement for your marketing costs.

Making Your Own Success

So many people have the dream of running their own business. As great as freedom is, it comes with serious challenges.

The tips above can help you make a name for yourself in your community and build up your personal training business. They aren't exhaustive but they're a start.

For more helpful tips for your clients or your own workout routine, check out more articles on our men's fitness blog.

4 Exciting Tips for Promoting Your Personal Training Business