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Top 9 Weight Loss Pills and Supplements for Your Regular Use

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The term weight loss is often used as a misnomer. It is the shedding of unhealthy weight from your body muscles. They are often stored as unhealthy fat, cholesterol, and other toxic elements. The weight loss pills have herbal roots, fruits, and leaves as the key ingredients.

Some of them are cayenne pepper, kelp, Dandelion, Ginseng, and Green coffee beans. The pills may have any one or two them as the key ingredients. The others will be supporting inactive elements.

Top 9 Weight Loss Pills and Supplements for Your Regular Use

Kratom is among the top suggested ingredients among all of them. Ginseng and green coffee can be the top supportive elements.

Top 9 List

  1. Kratom
  2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  3. Orlistat
  4. CLA 1250
  5. LEAN
  6. KETO 2000
  7. C4-RIPPED
  8. CREATINE 4200
  9. Natural Accelerator


We have chosen Kratom at the top of the list, because of its natural ability to burn fat. The human body has plenty of receptors for the Kratom ingredients. They are located in the skeletal muscles, limbs, and internal organs. They can ingest the ingredients faster and convert them into fat burners. The key points are

  • Fat extraction from the adipocytes
  • Conversion into fatty acids
  • Fat burning to produce calories
  • Storage of calories in muscles and internal organs

When you start workouts, the calories burn again to strengthen the muscles and shape them into lean form. So, you can achieve the target of weight loss and lean muscles.

The 7-hydroxymitragynine compounds can also improve the functions of cardiovascular systems, metabolic systems, and neuromuscular organs. We have also found that the golden monk is one of the most trusted brands if you are looking to buy kratom products online.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia extract is primarily a diet supplement. It has the additional properties of fat burning with HCA. It can extract the adipose cell fat and mix it into the bloodstream. The conversion of fat molecules into fatty acids happens in the bloodstream.

The next stage is the carrying of fatty acids into the digestive systems like the intestines and the liver. Here, the process of metabolism converts fatty acids into proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients apart from energy.

Neuromuscular systems absorb nutrients and energy. They stay in that form until the physical workout exercises utilize them for muscle shaping and slimming. The process is relatively faster for the skeletal muscles. It takes more time for the muscles in the hips, abdomen, and the thighs.

  • Diet and workout is necessary to make Garcinia Cambogia work
  • The process can be slower compared to Kratom
  • There could be side effects for those with high blood pressure
  • The ingredients work naturally for those with no physical ailments


The commercial name of Orlistat is Alli. According to our observations, it works effectively with light to moderate workouts. The most important feature is you need fat in your food for consuming Alli. You may also add little calories to make Alli work better.

Alli is known to block fats in the first phase rather than burning. Hence, you have to avoid vitamins intake during the early days of Alli. Gradually, your digestive systems will start absorbing the fat elements from the muscles and internal organs.

It is the time when actual fat burning starts. The process becomes faster, once the threshold stage is reached. It may take a few weeks to happen. Sometimes it could be more gradual.

  • Alli burns fat from belly, back, and hips
  • The ingredients can mix easily with the foods
  • Extraction of energy is faster
  • Consult your physician if you have any physical ailments or surgical effects

CLA 1250

CLA-1250 is a natural fatty acid with all the weight-loss ingredients. We have tested this supplement on many of the patients with diabetic and blood pressure issues. It seems to work with little or no side effects.

The main feature is it doesn’t alter the cholesterol level in your bloodstream. So, you don’t feel fatigued, stress, and other related side effects.

The time taken for CLA-1250 fat burning is relatively faster due to the fatty acid ingredients. They can also make the muscles ingest the proteins and vitamins much faster. According to our observation, the process of metabolism improves significantly after a few weeks of continuous CLA-1250 consumption.

  • Brisk walking and light workouts can improve the effectiveness
  • Diet plan is very important
  • Reduce fat intake as it doesn’t block fats from entering the bloodstream


LEAN is yet another effective weight loss supplement with natural ingredients. The manufacturers say it can burn fat in 45 days. But our practical experience shows it takes more time.

The main feature is its fat burning from the skeletal muscles on the chest, back, triceps, and the biceps. The ingredients have the tendency to inject the vital vitamins and proteins into the neuromuscular organs.

LEAN can reduce the appetite for fatty foods within a few days of consumption. We have observed significant improvements in the slimming of muscles after about 60 days. But you need lots of workouts, unlike Kratom which naturally makes your muscles lean.

  • Good for belly and back fat
  • Caffeine is a key ingredient for faster fat burning
  • Known to boost energy

KETO 2000

KETO 2000 comes with powerful ingredients for belly and abdomen fat burning. It has ingredients to increase metabolic and cardiovascular activities. Carbohydrates are stated to be at a minimal level in the product.

The ingredients can provide instant energy for your physical workouts. But they may deposit calories in excess if you don’t do the physical workout. Consult your physician for the diet plan with KETO 2000.

  • Natural fat burning
  • Instant energy
  • Boosts Ketosis


C4 Ripped has two key ingredients, namely L carnitine and L-tartrate for fat burning and body slimming. According to manufacturers, the calorie volume is zero in the ingredients.

Hence, the effectiveness of the other ingredients may take more time to become visible. The best time to consume is before a workout.

  • Naturally ingested by the muscles
  • High-fat burning efficiency
  • No changes in blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol


CREATINE 4200 is not only for weight loss, but also for bodybuilding. According to manufacturers, it can work for all the adults from the age of 18 to 70+. The key ingredient is HPLC Creatine monohydrate.

It has all the sub-ingredients for boosting the fat burning processes within all the skeletal muscle groups your body. Initially, the effects could be slower, but they can become faster after reaching the threshold.

  • The high rate of metabolism
  • The immediate rise in energy level
  • Fat burning happens gradually but surely

Natural Accelerator

The commercial name of Natural Accelerator is ISAGENIX. It has vita ingredients for breaking down the fat into its basic ingredients of fatty acids within the muscles and internal organs. The process takes time in the initial stages. You need to follow a strict diet and workout regimen.

  • High energy for workouts
  • Known to boost lean and strong muscles
  • High volume of proteins and vitamins


We have tested the top 10 weight loss supplements among various age groups of adult men and women for the past several months. All of them have been effective in fat burning and weight loss naturally. Some of them may take a few weeks to show the initial effects. The others may take relatively more time.

Top 9 Weight Loss Pills and Supplements for Your Regular Use

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