15 Easy Ways to Be a Healthy Mom
January 29, 2022

15 Easy Ways to Be a Healthy Mom

Being a fit mom is easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy because you can do a few lifestyle modifications and incorporate positive habits that’ll make you feel upbeat most of the time. It’s hard because incorporating such lifestyle changes seem so easy and is therefore taken for granted.

As a regular mom of a kid or two, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the daily tasks of caring for young children and balancing other areas of your life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Being a healthy mom has a lot to do with your attitude and the little habits that contribute positively (or not) to your daily life.

As a mother, you can enhance positive changes in your life in the following ways.

Healthy Mom

  • Have a routine

Most moms stick to a routine; however, a positive routine should account for “me” time. This is when you do activities that help you relax and feel rejuvenated. Exercises, for example, are a good way to help minimize the everyday stress of caring for your kids and minding other things simultaneously. Unfortunately, healthy habits like exercise tend to be neglected by most moms.

Schedule exercises into your weekly plan. Let your spouse know that such a time is when you have your physical activities. This ensures that other things don’t get in the way of getting some time for yourself. You can schedule any other “me” activity into your calendar to make your routine more enjoyable.

  • Ask for help

The reality of modern life is that even the most well-planned routines can be disrupted. As a mom, your tendency may be to tough it out and hope that you can get on top of things. If such disruptions happen regularly, you find yourself not having time to do certain activities that you enjoy. Asking for help from friends or family can make a huge difference. If, for example, you want to have time with your girlfriends, asking a babysitter or your spouse to look after the kids while you’re away can be a lifesaver.

  • Be content

The natural tendency to compare yourself to other people is a major source of anxiety and unhappiness. To be a happy mom, learn to be content with what you have—your kids, spouse, loving friends, and all the things that bring positivity in your life. This makes life much less stressful.

  • Spend quality time as a family

This could mean you go on a vacation or just a trip to the local park. The object should be to connect and appreciate each other’s company. When your kids see that you are putting in the effort to engage in fun activities with them, they’re more likely to give you less of a hard time. This, of course, will mean they’ll be more obedient, hence making your life less stressful.

  • Have hope

Even the happiest moms in the world experience trying times. This could be in the form of constant wayward behaviors of their kids or mental strain due to financial hardships. In such situations, remind yourself that whatever is happening will pass. This positive mindset alone can help you navigate numerous challenging moments as a mom.

  • Forgive and forget

As a mom, you want to live up to your ideals of good parenting. However, you’ll inevitably lose your temper once in a while or act in ways that you’d otherwise not. Even when your kids do annoying things, learn to forgive and forget. The idea is to minimize negativity and always promote positive vibes.

  • Get a little goofy

Displaying a little of your eccentric side to your children can do wonders for their developing minds. Many kids can have a tense relationship with their moms. Find time to see the fun and hilarious side of things. When you do, let down your guard and laugh hard with your kids. In their minds, you’ll be the funniest mom in the world!

  • Get in the habit of hugging and cuddling

Sometimes, actions are much more effective than words. Say your kid breaks your favorite pitcher. Instead of scolding them, explain to them that they need to be more careful when handling crockery. Then give them a warm hug. Doing this regularly will make your kids see you as a warm and loving mom, meaning less likelihood of sulking. This is all good news because it means less stress for you when dealing with your kids.

  • Go easy on yourself

As a mom, you’re only human. This means you’ll make mistakes and bad decisions from time to time. By cutting yourself some slack, you’ll ensure that you’re not weighed down by unnecessary stress due to minor things. If, for example, you fail to meet your goals for the week, no need to beat yourself up over it. Think positive and work hard. It’ll be reflected in your mood.

  • Incorporate moderation into your lifestyle

In your quest to become the best mom, you may end up being too strict on your kids or overindulging in certain activities. Be flexible about how you conduct your everyday activities. If, for example, you’re going on a picnic and you’re concerned about missing your workout for the day, it’s okay to reschedule it. Finding the right balance between all the activities you have to engage in will make you a less-stressed mom.

  • Healthy diet

While this may seem obvious, many moms ignore this. A healthy diet will mean less likelihood of certain illnesses. This, coupled with regular exercises and a positive attitude, will go a long way toward making you optimistic even during challenging times. The long-term benefits of a healthy diet will be reflected in your good health, hence making you a happier and healthier mom.

  • Take regular walks

It doesn’t need to be part of your regular exercise routine. If, for example, you’re out shopping, you can decide to park your car two blocks away from the convenience store and walk the rest of the way. Walking can be a refreshing activity, especially if you’ve got a lot on your mind. Doing this regularly is part of being a healthy mom.

  • Have a simple morning routine

This can be as simple as watching the morning news as you sip your favorite brand of coffee, doing yoga for half an hour, or writing your intentions in a Bullet Journal. Whatever you do, it should be something that makes you feel good about yourself as a person and mom. If done regularly, you’ll look forward to the morning bout of enthusiasm before starting your day.

  • Create a bedtime routine

Whether it’s for you or your kids, this could help to create stronger bonds between you and your family. For the kids, you can read them a story right before they go to bed. If they’re a little older, you can simply ask them to narrate three things that they found interesting during the day. As a mom, you’ll score some major points with them and make you feel happier.

  • Public display of affection

Most kids form their opinions and worldviews based on what they’re exposed to most. As their mom, if they see you displaying affection in public, this can have a poignant effect on them and help reinforce how a good relationship should look like. A simple kiss or hand-holding with your husband as you take a family walk can have a lasting positive effect on their psyche. This, in turn, will be reflected in their affection for you.