5 Healthy Habits for Men
December 04, 2019

5 Healthy Habits for Men


“Health is wealth”. But how many of us do actually follow a healthy regimen? Much less than the majority. Men especially cut slack when it comes to healthy habits.

They have a tendency to live life on their whims. If you are a man who wants to change your casual mindset, you are at the right place. Here are the best 5 Healthy habits for men.

Best 5 Healthy Habits for Men:

#1 - Keep Yourself Clean:

There’s a reason for this being the first point. Several men are too lazy to follow hygiene. This causes them to smell like hell. Trust me, deodorants don’t work that well. Make it a point to bath every day no matter how the weather is. Focus mainly on your armpits and private parts. If you are feeling enthusiastic, shave your clumsy mane too.

#2 - Exercise:

Exercising is not just about bodybuilding. Even if you don’t want a Herculean body, exercise for at least 15 minutes for 5 at a week.

It shall improve your posture, energy and happiness too. You will start falling for yourself! If you are a beginner, go with light exercises like yoga, brisk walking or jogging.

You can also take up your favourite sports for your exercise. Break some sweat guys. If you are exercising regularly and don’t take proper diet, you must consume multivitamin supplement which can provide you 100% RDA. You can check TrueBasics Multivit Men for increased energy, immunity & stamina.

#3 - Skip The Alcohol and Cigarettes:

It can be very tempting to gulp down alcohol or smoke after a tiring day. But you must remember the side effects. Whenever you feel tempted, just remind yourself of the harm you are causing.

There’s already too much sickness around the world. Why not stop harming when you can? Use your hobby as a distraction. Learn new skills in the time you spend on temptations.

It will produce the same feeling a cigarette does. Rather than sitting on your couch, take a walk and explore your surroundings. It will surely keep you away from alcohol. The key point is to develop self-control. You need to find ways to develop it.

#4 - Dress Smart:

You get only six seconds to make a first impression. Why not rule those seconds? Dress according to the occasion. Most guys don’t give a damn about their looks. It is great to love yourself but good attires speak. 

One should also dress according to the seasons & occasions. This monsoon fashion tips guide 2019 can help you in accordance with the season trends. Take some time to dress yourself up and have your office at your feet.

Even when you wear casuals, make sure to wear a quirky combination. You will get noticed for a good reason. And every being loves a little attention. 

#5 - Stay Away from Porn:

This is the toughest and least talked about topic. Men are more involved in pornography. While it’s okay to watch it once in a while, it must not turn into a habit.

Most men struggle to get out of this vicious network. Unrealistic sex scenes heighten their expectations. This leads to disappointment in real-time sex and ruins the experience.

Try to control your urge by diverting your focus. Know what triggers you to watch porn. Once you detect your problem, work on it. Seek help from your family, friends and a professional. Once you can conquer this battle, your life will get better.


Habits cannot be built overnight. You have to be very consistent about it. But once you get in a healthy cycle, there shall be no looking back. Cheers to a healthy life!

5 Healthy Habits for Men