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The Capsule Collection

The Capsule Collection - Your Curated Shopping List

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After receiving 1000's of requests from guys on our email list, our Instagram followers and guys who purchased our capsule wardrobe guide, we've finally decided to work on The Capsule Collection. 

So, what is a capsule collection? 

The capsule collection is a list of products you'd need to build your perfect capsule wardrobe. 

And it's not just a list. 

We'll give you the links to these products, so you can directly purchase them. 

There are three different sections inside the capsule collection. 

  • Section 1. Amazon - All the products curated in this section are from Amazon. And you can purchase all the products directly from the Amazon to build your perfect wardrobe. 
  • Section 2. Mr. Porter - All the products in this section are curated from Mr. Porter. So if you are someone who's very brand conscious and only wears high-street brands then this section is for you. You can purchase products directly from Mr Porter. 
  • Section 3. Indie Brands - This section features products from some of the Indie brands we absolutely love. So, if you're someone who loves to support and wear indie brands then this section just the thing you need. 

Apart from the product list. we're also going to include 50+ capsule wardrobe approved outfit ideas with links to the products featured in those outfits so you can purchase the clothes and get the exact look. 

Important: We're going to launch this ebook on 30th January 2019. But, you can pre-order your copy today and be the first to receive our ebook when we launch.