"Why Has It Been So Hard To Dress Better!?"

What if you had access to the exact playbook that's helped thousands of guys to dress better than 99% of guys around them?

What if your dressing sense provided you with attention and respect you deserve, instead of stressing you out?

What if you could make a bigger impact on people around you and command respect and attention you always craved for?

"What's the one thing this guide has helped me with? Creating my dream wardrobe that's affordable, with only the timeless essentials, compliments through the roof, and elevating my self-confidence." 

Daniel P, a husband, father and a banker 

Hi, I am Samay Mehta, founder of LIFESTYLE BY PS, fashion blogger and wardrobe reboot expert. 

Think back to when you first started thinking about dressing well. Maybe it was 2 years ago? 5 years ago? even 10 years ago...

Dressing sharp sounded amazing, right? You knew you weren't cut out dress like a slob. Not getting attention and respect you actually deserved. 

If you're anything like me, you probably wanted to dress sharp to take control of your life. To make people around you take you more seriously. To elevate your confidence and impress your clients or boss. To be able to impress any women you like. 

But, are you currently dressing the way you always wanted to be? 

... or do you regularly feel stuck?

❌ Stuck dressing like everyone else.

❌ Stuck with too many clothes in your wardrobe but nothing good to wear. 

❌ Stuck elevating your style to the next level and become the best-dressed guy. 

Being stuck creates mediocrity 

But as a man, we don't tolerate mediocrity. 

After all, we don't purposefully set out to get stuck or create a mediocre life. 

But let’s be honest - sometimes it happens… 

There are so many things competing for our attention, that sometimes we slip up...

✅ While focusing on career, we forget about improving our style and looking good. 

✅ While focusing on our family, we forget it's important to dress well and take good care of ourselves. 

While focusing on building our business, we sacrifice spending time on our personal care. 


78% of guys we surveyed say they're average, below average or terrible at dressing well. 

We start with a decision to dress better and improve our style. But way too often we end up frustrated, stressed out and confused. 

The process takes its toll on us and the people we love.

But, what if dressing sharp was actually fun, instead of stressful and confusing?

What if you had absolute certainty that every time you go out of your room, you will look like a well-dressed man.

What if you could find the ultimate system that saves you a ton of money *and* still dress better than 99% of guys?

… and what if you could do that now, not in 5 or 10 years?

Stylish guys know one big "secret" - their physique or skin tone or age is only responsible for 20% of their dressing sense. 

The art of shopping the right clothes makes up the other 80%.

Wearing the right clothes is the reason why the most stylish guys you follow on Instagram look better than most guys. 

Wearing the right clothes is the reason that makes the top 1% look better than 99% of guys. 


If buying the right clothes is all it takes to dress sharp, then why isn’t every guy is dressing sharp?

Well, the honest truth is that learning to buy the right clothes that look good on you is hard. Damn hard.

Back in the days when you were still in college, it was super to dress. You could throw anything on your body nobody would care. 

But, those days are long gone.

That same dressing sense is not working in your favour. 

Thanks to the explosion of Intenet, there are not hundreds of ways to look for inspiration. 

Maybe you've tried some of these...

Asking a friend

You talk to your friends or colleagues for some tips on dressing well. But, deep down inside you know they're not the right people to take advice from. They hardly dress better than you. 

So, that can't help. 

Maybe you've joined Facebook groups?

If you've, then you know it's practically impossible to get any kind of styling advice from those groups because, everyone busy promoting their products or ripping other people. 

What about fashion magazines?

Fashion magazines are the last place to learn anything about fashion. Because the clothes that they feature there are practically impossible to wear. 

What about hiring a stylist? 

Yes, this can help sometimes. But, you would end up paying more money to your stylist than you would actually spend to buy clothes they recommend. 

Let's be honest. Having a personal stylist is not for everyone. Not everyone can afford it. 

Or maybe you've invested in an expensive online course?

You can learn anything with an online course, but what's the problem with most online courses?

❌ You get bogged down in the detail and have no idea where to start

❌ You get distracted by your routine and don't have time to go through the entire course. Because it's unnecessarily long and boring. 

❌ You end up spending anything between $300 to $2000 on an online course. You could use that money to buy clothes. 

It's a huge time and money investment. Plus there's hardly a clear path. 

The sad truth about buying the right clothes is this:


Don’t believe anyone who tells you any differently. They’re lying.

Sure there are more places to shop now, but that's the part of the problem too. You have way too many options. 

Plus, there are way too many blogs and magazines giving contradictory advice and that's adding to the confusion. 

To stand from the rest and become the best-dressed guy, you need to take a completely different approach. 

It's the same approach Alex Costa uses to look better than most guys. 

It's the same approach that makes Magic_fox look better than 99% of guys. 

... And it's the same approach almost all stylish guys use to look their best. 


Looking and dressing sharp shouldn't be a struggle. 

Introducing The Capsule Wardrobe System

The only wardrobe building system that has helped 4000+ guys to build their dream wardrobe and look better than 99% of guys. 

Become the best-dressed guy by using the same playbook that the most stylish guys on this planet use to look the way they do. 





1. A Wardrobe For Every Season Of The Year

2. Save a ton of money every year on shopping by following simple capsule wardrobe building rules

3. Never Waste Money On Clothes You Would Never Want To Wear

4. Find & Wear Stylish, Well-Fitting Clothes That Mix And Match Easily

5. Buy right clothes the first time around

6. Have control over clothes & looks


1 A solid no fluff step by step eGuide. Straight to the point eBook with product photos and specifications to help you build a powerful coordinated wardrobe for life.

2. A complete checklist

Check each thing off as you acquire them.

Checklist of all the items you should have in your Wardrobe, which you can carry along with you next time you go shopping.

3. Special Summer Edition Wardrobe With Shopping Checklist.

4. Winter Edition Wardrobe

5. Summer Outfit Ideas

6. Winter Outfit Ideas.

7. Wardrobe Planner Worksheets

8. Your Skin Tone And Clothes 

9. Your Body Type & Clothes 

10. Occasions & Clothes 

11. Your Progression & Clothes 

12. Powerful Hacks To Buy The Right Clothes Every Single Time 

13. Actionable Shopping Tips 

... And much more 


  • is Less Cluttered
  • is Visually Appealing
  • have clothes that effortlessly complement each other
  • have clothes that make you feel good and look great when you wear them.
  • have outfits that are flexible and suits all occasions.

I'm sure you're wondering, how's that possible.

It is possible by having a perfect plan for your wardrobe.

How great would it be to have Step by Step information for the whole process of building a perfect wardrobe? ‘

So, here it is.

We've put together a simple, easy to understand and useful step by step guide so that you can build your perfect capsule wardrobe, no matter your budget.





“I recently lost everything in a fire and before that, I lost everything to a hurricane (Katrina) so I was lost as it comes to fashion and style but your book guided me to perfection! Thank you.” Leroy M.
“Love the capsule wardrobe idea and I’m working on building mine now.” Edmund C.
Its wonderful book seriously made me reconsider my dressing sense. We need to more this kind of publications, In men fashion specifically for Indian market , glad we have someone around with high caliber. cheers to you guys you know what you are doing.
kind regards Nihar Raval