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Our Story


 Few Things Well 

We make the best clothes we can, not the most clothes we can. no fooling ourselves that we can do everything. no trying to make a dent in the whole universe, We just do what we can do best to make a dent in our part of it. 

We get a kick out of making a few things exceptionally well. It takes a lot of hard work and obsessing over tiny details to make something you'll cherish for a long time. 

That's why we stick to making a FEW THINGS WELL.So, you get great clothes that you can wear everyday, season after season. 

Quality Craftsmanship 

Our products are crafted in small runs by some of the finest craftsmen.  We obsess over small details to make the final product exceptional. 

Premium Materials

We source our materials from some the best factories in the country. For us, a great quality fabric is no more than the baseline, it's the start point. 

Minimalist Designs

Simplicity counts. We make clothes that you can wear everyday, season after season. No following the trends & fads, no distractions, just  simple minimalist elegant clothes. 

Getting Basics Right 

When our customers buy from us, they expect great products and services. At the very least, they expect us to deliver on all the promises we made. But, they hope for more than that.

For us, keeping a promise really is no more than the baseline. It’s the start point, not the destination.

We try everything we can to deliver what we promise and only promise what we’re able to deliver. No fluffs, no gimmicky marketing, nothing of that sorts at all.

We strongly believe that a mediocre product or service wrapped up in a lot of sizzle isn’t going to work.

A snazzy looking website isn’t going to work if we fail to reply to your emails.

Here’s what it means to getting the basics right.

  1. We pick up the phone when you call us.
  2. We take the ownership of the problems and resolve them in time and not guff.
  3. We deliver on time.
  4. We care about you after the sale, and not just before or during the sales process.
  5. We don’t bombard you with unwanted offers and fake discounts.
  6. We accept returns and exchange products as promised.
  7. We refund the money as promised.

Yes, it’s simple; however, we’re amazed to see how few companies are doing this. How, very few companies are interested in getting their basics right before they go out and sell their stuffs.

This is not to brag how good we’re (well, a little bit) but this is more of the way we do business and try everything we can to deliver a few things well. 

Meet The Founders

Two architects crazy enough to believe we can build a world class clothing brand from the ground up. We're not in it only for the money. We're here for the long term. We want to see LIFESTYLE BY PS staying true to the mission even after 30 years from now.  Hope you'll follow along. 

Get in touch with Samay (on your right in the photo) if you've any questions. samay@lifestylebyps.com 

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