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Women, It's Time To Stop Using Cartridge Razors!

As the summer months come closer and bikini season approaches, it's time for you to get your shaving gear ready.

For most women, body hair removal can be a complicated affair. There is the option of waxing, but it can be quite painful and not a good idea for those with sensitive skin. On the other hand, depilatories are effective and painless, but there is the risk of chemical burns, skin irritation, and more. So, a large section of women turn to shaving, as it is not only painless and efficient, but it gives quick results.

But, for a proper shave, you need to have the right equipment and cartridge razors aren't one.

Here's why you should stop using cartridge razors, and switch to alternatives instead.

Why Should You Stop Using Cartridge Razors?

Cartridge razors are often seen as a great invention, and they surely are. They made shaving easier and cheaper, thus making it accessible to many.

However, when it comes to delivering a good shave, it might just be time for you to start using alternative equipment. Here's why you should switch over.

  • They Aren't Flexible - Despite having bendable fronts and adjustable features, cartridge razors lack the flexibility required to adapt to the contours of the face and skin and deliver a close shave. The cartridge itself tends to be a problem since the blades tend to be closely packed and prevent the tool from delivering a close and safe shave.
  • They Are Prone To Getting Clogged - Another major problem that arises with cartridge razors is that they tend to get clogged very easily, whether it's with dead skin, shaving cream, soap, or more. The debris tends to get trapped within the blades and prevents the razor from delivering a good shave. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, trying to clean out the razor can cause it to get damaged.
  • Not Cost-Efficient - Sure, cartridge razors are cheap and you can get a branded one with a few bucks. But cheap doesn't mean cost-efficient, because even though the upfront cost is less when you look at the number of times you have to buy the razors, you'll notice that it adds up to become quite a hefty amount.
  • Tends To Cause Increased Irritation and Redness - Cartridge razors also lead to increased skin irritation, redness because due to the nature of their design, the blades tend to graze over the same patch of skin numerous time, which causes your skin to get scraped over and over again, and leads to irritation and redness

What Alternatives Should You Use Instead?

Instead of going for cartridge razors, here are some alternatives that you can opt for instead.

  • Safety Razors - Safety razors, which are also known as double-edged razors, are more traditional and simplistic razors that were widely used before cartridge razors came into circulation. They consist of one flat blade, with a protective cover on top. Safety razors help deliver smooth, close shaves with ease. On top of that, they're much easier to maneuver as well, allowing you to adjust them according to the contours of your body and your skin. So shaving sensitive areas like underarms and the bikini line is made safer and more precise. Safety razors come in a wide variety of models, and you can choose a classic like a Rockwell Safety Razor, or something newer and innovative. However, a disadvantage is that they require quite a bit of practice and aren't as easy to handle as cartridge razors.
  • Electric Shavers - Another alternative that you have is using an electric shaver. These are a great option if you want a quick and easy solution, and prefer to forgo shaving cream. Electric shavers come in a wide variety of styles, and are highly efficienct, helping to deliver a smooth and easy shave with little to no effort on your part. If kept well, they last quite a while as well. However, a disadvantage is that it takes some getting used to and it may not be too comfortable to use in sensitive areas.


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