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Why Do Women Wear Thongs? Pros & Cons

When someone asks you why you wear thongs, what do you feel like answering? Most females would make a strange face as thongs are perhaps the most comfortable undergarments women love to wear. The price is reasonable, and thus, you can buy thong panties online for your regular use.

It is to mention that stretchable undies offer you comfort, a sense of safety, and confidence for the whole day long. There are various types of panties in the market with different attributes. Some come with gorgeous lacework on the other hand; some appear with no stitches at all. But Thongs are probably the most popular type of panties to date. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of wearing thongs.

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  • Comfort: When it comes to undies, comfort is the last word that strikes your mind. Thong undies are very comfortable due to the unique design. You should wear appropriate underwear depending on your activities. For example, if you are preparing to attend yoga classes, wear thongs; this thin underwear goes well with your skinny leggings, jeans, and pants. As there is little coverage at the back, you can quickly wear thong panties under your shorts. If you like different fabrics, you can pick satin or lacework as per your budget.
  • No Visible Lines: This is perhaps the best reason for you to invest in thongs. Thong panties come with fine finishing and thin fabric that doesn’t raise the edges. The waistlines and leg openings don’t come up, and the thin material becomes your second skin. When you wear skinny pants, bodycon dresses, tight fitted jeans, the panty edges prefer to come up, which is utterly embarrassing. To skip such unwanted issues, you should lean on the thongs and dress up confidently.
  • Sexiness And You: Do you prefer to appear appealing? Do you like to like to evoke sexiness? Then you will surely love wearing thongs. These super classy panties come with seductive designs and alluring prints that make you feel attractive. When you wear these undies at Gym or parties, you gain self-confidence that makes you look bold. No one will know what you are wearing under your outerwear, but it feels great to wear expensive thong panties that escalate your passion.


  • Uncomfortable:  Now, after discussing so many good points about the benefits of thongs, this point may sound strange. Are thongs uncomfortable? Really? Some women hate thongs and wonder why the ladies prefer thong undies so much! If you like full coverage panties due to the cold season or other reasons, you can skip buying thongs. Underwear is always a personal thing, and people buy them as per their comfort level. If you think that thongs are tight and want something loose for your waistline, you can avoid buying thongs.
  • Your Health Issues: This is an essential factor for which most women do not prefer wearing thong panties. It is to mention that most of the thong undies are made of less-breathable material. Due to less airy fabric, the material absorbs moisture and produces infections which are very unhygienic for your health condition. On the other hand, thongs are highly-fitted undergarments that one can ever wear. And for that reason, the material absorbs vaginal discharge and may not be comfortable for the wearer. So if you have these problems, you can switch to airy and easy-fitting undies at your convenience.
  • Thongs Are Not Great For Periods: This is a significant concern that you must consider. Thongs come with nearly no room for the pad or panty liner. You cannot fix the pad properly if you are wearing a thong. On the other hand, if you walk or run, the panty liner will move around along with other things. Moreover, it is utterly impractical to wear thongs during periods as there is less coverage, and the bacteria may move around, keeping things unhygienic. So even if you like thongs, it would be better for you to have easy-fitting panties in your wardrobe during the menstruation cycle.

Are you looking to buy some good-quality thongs? Then read these advantages and disadvantages before placing the order. There is a flood of colorful thongs in e-stores but before you invest, make sure you are familiar with the product’s pros and cons. However, underwear is always an individual choice, so you are free to pick the correct type of undies for regular use. Do not hesitate, pick suitable underwear and place your order now.

Why Do Women Wear Thongs? Pros & Cons

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