Shapewear In Summer
June 13, 2024

Why Do More People Choose Popilush Bluetag Shapewear In Summer?

Cooler clothes can guarantee comfort, style and well-being during the hottest days of the year. When summer announces its arrival, it brings with it sunny moments that make us want to enjoy the outdoors, but we also need to know how to choose pieces that are fresh for moments beyond leisure. 

People decide to buy cooler clothes, like those from the popilush bluetag collection, as they are interesting tools for facing high temperatures. The refreshing technology contains properties that are different from ordinary clothes. This factor will surprise you beyond the aesthetics.

Shapewear In Summer

1. Body temperature regulation

The clothes in this series feature technological fabric with a cooling effect that helps reduce body heat instantly.  This is because the high temperature of your body on hot days is transferred to the cooler tissue, carrying out the final conversion that gives you a feeling of greater freshness. 

The bodysuit is versatile and can be used in everyday activities, making it a great option. The shape with inverted triangular straps follows modern fashion and helps maintain body temperature at a more pleasant level, as it leaves the upper region free. Furthermore, a piece with a crotch design made from a cotton fabric blend eliminates the need for underwear. The fewer compositions that require fabric on fabric, the less heat you will feel.

2. Comfort and freedom of movement

People look for fabrics with a soft texture, as they provide comfort and allow greater range of movement. Therefore, you can wear a shapewear midi dress to go to work and spend consecutive hours in a pleasant way, away from any type of stress caused by the heat. Furthermore, a more buttery texture is perfect for walking outdoors without having to wear very sticky or compressive clothing.

3. Antibacterial fabric that makes the skin easier to breathe

No one wants to spend the day smelling like sweat or wearing clothes that leave you wet. It is natural for sweating to increase in days warmer, then a fabric with technology antibacterial facilitates skin ventilation and allows allow air to circulate freely between the fibers. This way, you can keep your clothes dry and fresh for long hours and be free from any type of odor that sweat can cause. A dress with a gathered effect on the side gives you a slender shape. Plus, the one-shoulder design is perfect so you can make a statement at a party or have dinner by the sea.

4. An extra touch of sun protection

Sometimes just sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses aren't enough. Thinking of a way to provide extra protection, Popilush created summer clothes which block more than 99% of UVA/UVB rays. This way, you prevent burns and skin irritations. 

To further intensify your protection, you can choose a shapewear dress with a light tone to daily use. Colors like white and beige help to further reduce the sensation of heat and absorbs less solar energy.

You can still enjoy the benefits of mesh shapewear to show off a structured, free tummy of imperfections. Dresses with adjustable straps promote a better fit of the dress to the body and this is also important, as clothes that are too tight or incorrectly fitted can cause diaper rash due to friction on the skin on the inner thighs or under the arms. So choose the right number and enjoy your summer outings with the Blue Tag series.