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What to Wear Running for Women

Today, there are more women runners participating in this exercise to keep fit or simply enjoy the benefits that the sport offers. Comfort is important to achieve their training goal. It means you have to dress the part whether it is a 30 minutes or three hours run.

The good news is running doesn’t require expensive stuff to succeed. It’s a low-maintenance sport all you need are the right gear to keep you going. Just the basics will be like socks, shoes, running clothes, headbands for women, and other running gear for a comfy run.

Get some inspiration from our list of the most essential items for your comfortable and safe run.

Running Shoes

The feet are the most abused part of the body when running, keep it from getting injured with the right type of running shoes.

Don’t pick a pair because of the brand, style, color, and certainly, you don’t have to buy the most expensive pair in the store. Select one that fits right with protective cushioning to absorb the impact when landing, especially on the heel.

There are specialty stores with experts who can assess your feet and match this with your running style to come up with the precise pair for you. Your foot will be measured, observe you run on a treadmill, and study your walk.

If you don’t have socks, ask a pair from the staff. The thickness of the sock will determine the fit of your foot in the shoe. 

Running Clothes

When you’re shopping for running clothes, you don’t have to rush and buy the set of the wardrobe in one swoop. If you’re running during nighttime consider clothing with bright colors to reflect in the dark so drivers can avoid you.

Cotton is the worst enemy of a runner, it is porous and absorbs all your sweat. That translates to additional weight that you carry when running and chafing, which irritates the skin. During cold weather, it can result in hypothermia as the absorbed sweat makes it tough for the body to remain warm.

You’ll need these basic items.

Running socks

These are not your ordinary 100 percent cotton socks a runner’s socks should wick away sweat on feet or if you gait on a puddle.

Look for running socks that are a synthetic blend of materials like polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax to prevent blisters. Some runners wear double-layer socks to avoid blisters. Wool blends such as SmartWool work best for winter running.

Choose socks from teddylocks.com that fit you and you can also get lots of variation over there some are low ankle socks, others are high ankle, and some extend over the calf.

Technical running clothes

Runners can run comfortably when they wear the proper clothing that keeps them well ventilated, lightly insulated, or dry in cold or hot weather conditions. The temperature outside will determine whether you’ll wear shorts, pants, tights, vests, jackets, or a combination of these items to keep comfortable when you hit the road.

Run light during warm days with shorts, shirts, and socks are all you need. Running clothes should keep you cool, headbands for women will prevent sweat from reaching the eyes and keep the hair in place.

When the mercury drops, think of sporting jogging pants or tights, and a vest or soft-shell jacket, your body will heat up once you get moving. Try the insulated type of these items they work best in cold conditions.

Sports Bras

Women should make sure that they wear sports bras to handle movement and motion during training. It will give maximum support and keep the breasts firmly in place.

The muscle ligaments of a woman’s breast move up, down, or sideways when there is motion resulting in pain after the run. Since sports bras check the movement of breasts they reduce pain or none at all afterward.

Avoid those nasty stares and peeps from male runners. Sports bras are snugly fit around the torso to hold the breast in place and prevent bouncing when running. Although it will not ensure that guys will not show interest in your boobs, it will certainly reduce those outrageous and uncomfortable moments. 

Other Running Gear

There are other items that can help you make a quality and safe run when you bring them along the ride.

  • Headbands

As you push in your run sweat gets in the eyes and hair on your face, you lose focus. Headbands for women will get rid of these irritants as you glide on the road.

  • Running belt

A running belt will keep your hands free with room for money, keys, ID, and credit card.

  • Hat and Gloves

These kinds of stuff are a must during cold weather, most heat losses appear in these areas.

  • Watch

A watch is a great way of monitoring your run, staying on pace, and tracking your path with a GPS. There are watches that measure heart rate, blood pressure, sugar level, and other metrics.

  • Water bottle

If there are no water stations along the route, you need to carry a water bottle to keep hydrated.

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What to Wear Running for Women