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What to Consider When Selecting a Mastectomy Bra

‘Breast cancer’ is two words that every woman fears. Usually, breast cancer is associated with pain and eventually leads to a mastectomy where, in severe cases, the woman will find herself losing both breasts. Mastectomy is done as a curative measure for breast cancer, lymph nodes, or a preventive cause for women at high risk of breast cancer.

The lost breast greatly reduces the confidence of a woman. Thus, prostheses mimicking the appearance of a breast are usually recommended. Prosthesis breasts require mastectomy bras with pockets to hold them in place. Draining is a big problem after surgery. Therefore, the woman should take a few weeks to recover after surgery before using any mastectomy bra. Mastectomy bras come in wide varieties, and selecting the appropriate bra is challenging. Here are factors to consider when you decide to buy a mastectomy bra.

Mastectomy Bra

Fit and Comfort

While some women prefer to stay braless, many have low self-esteem after surgery. Thus, a fitting mastectomy bra is recommended. The mastectomy bra must have a pocket to accommodate the prosthesis. For comfort, avoid wearing tight bras, as they may cause overheating and unnecessary pressure on the scar.


A mastectomy bra should be laced with high-quality fabric on the inside to prevent abrasion on the skin. Usually, sweating and overheating are the main cause of discomfort. Cotton, nylon, and polyester are the best materials recommended for use after the recovery. The scar should have ample air circulation to avoid the development of sores or infections.

Support and Stability

A woman who has had a mastectomy on one breast will find it problematic to get a good balance in support. A prosthesis may be designed to match the size of the other breast, but having a good balance will depend on the bra she decides to use. A good mastectomy bra should balance the prosthesis with the other breast seamlessly. If there is a mismatch between the prosthesis and the breast, the bra should take care of the roundup and balance them. Tubes below the cups provide additional anchorage, which reduces the feeling of imbalance in the chest.

Easy to Wear and Take off

After surgery, you might experience pain when stretching out your chest area. Front-lock bras should be used to enable fast-fitting and adjustments. Straps should be easily adjustable from the front. Bras with wires and boosts are not recommended as they may cause swelling and pain when wearing or removing them. 


Mastectomy bras are special bras and are expensive to acquire. The bra should serve you for a good period before wearing and tearing. Durability mainly depends on the fabric quality used to manufacture the bra. Therefore, it’s important to emphasize the best material for your bra. Custom-made mastectomy bras are the best because they address your specific needs, including quality. You should have several bras in your wardrobe, which increases the lifespan of each individual bra.

Stage of Recovery

After surgery, swelling is bound to occur, not only on the scar but on the other breast, too. Always select a bra that is one size larger to accommodate the swelling. Wider straps are additional support when you are healing and recovering. Large and wide cups offer cover for any scars, especially after breast reconstruction surgery.


In the past, women could not enjoy their femininity after mastectomy due to the high cost of buying mastectomy bras. Modern technology has seen the development of high-quality and affordable bras with customized designs that address every woman’s specific needs. Regardless of country, region, or continent, mastectomy bras are available for every woman who has had their breast removed or reconstructed. Online shops avail the mastectomy bras to anyone who can access the internet at an affordable rate.


Mastectomy is a nightmare for any woman. Losing a breast greatly interferes with her femininity and self-esteem. Once you heal and fully recover, adjusting to the new lifestyle is a challenge. Some women require therapy and counseling to help them accept and realign their mental space around their new life. Mastectomy bras have brought back the gift of femininity to them. Women can enjoy looking and feeling feminine with customizable bra fits and designs. With many companies now producing mastectomy bras, there is something for every woman.