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What Tips To Follow To Find The Perfect Necklace For Your Evening Looks

In every female closet there is a piece that cannot be missing: Necklaces. Even if you don't wear one, you feel strange. But how to choose the right one? For a few minutes you see them all and you don't know which one to wear. Do not worry because today we give you some basic tips for you to choose the most successful necklace.

Necklaces can give a remote turn to your look; they can transform your casual outfit into a more elegant one or vice versa. And the combination of colors and styles will give you the personal touch you are looking for, as well as finding the most appropriate size. If you want a blend of modern and ethnic look, you can choose Sunflower Necklace.

A few strokes of creativity and originality will be enough to make your style uniquely beautiful. In addition, necklaces are one of the pieces that can make you look more, whether they are made of natural, simple or more complex stones.

Is your neck type shorter and do you usually wear chokers? It's time you bet on something more daring. The shape of your neck should not condition you if you really like oversized necklaces with bright colors.

Also, wearing a more open type of neckline does not have to limit you either. Combining your necklace with a high collar will not only make your outfit and style something original and exclusive, but you will be setting trends without losing the essence that defines you. You will impact and look different from the rest!

There are many necklaces and, sometimes, following the fashions is not as easy as it seems. Today, on our blog, we want to help you choose the perfect necklace for you. Discover with us the styling tricks to be fashionable!

1. Necklace

The popularity of choker or short necklaces, close to the neck is one of the most consistent trends. These pieces made in different styles, with or without decorations, allow you to decorate any look, from the most simple or minimalist. Without a doubt, they are very special jewels.

2. Ethnic

One type of necklace that usually stands out from the rest is the ethnic type. Many designers opt for jewelry opt for it in multiple ways. If you decide to wear long necklaces, do not overload your look with jewelry and accessories. Let your necklace or choker be the center of your entire image.

3. Pendant With Crystal

Crystals, pearls, large stones and beads are all in style. An interesting solution would be a pendant with untreated crystal. This type of jewel adds a mysterious note to your image.

4. Big Stones

Fashion designers have popularized large stones with marked luster and like to use different leathers and plastic elements as separate pieces in jewelry decoration.

5. Long Pendants

Long pendants also have their place. There are very different models and it will be entertaining to choose yours. The base of a pendant is usually a thin ribbon. Pendants highlight your silhouette and make your neck appear slimmer.

6. Flowered

The floral, fruit and fauna details in the jewelry make up the most elegant and modern necklaces. There are many designers who have been seduced by this flowery trend. You dare?

If you have doubts about the jewels that best fit your look or want to find an accomplice to help you find the perfect jewel for you, at Tous jewelry we offer you our experience and proximity to advise you in the search for your ideal jewel. We love sharing your great moments with you! Come see us and we will discover together all the possibilities to shine like a movie star. We will wait for you!