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What Handbag Says About You

Do you know what your handbag says about you? One of the most precious products a woman owns is a handbag. It's actually an extension of who they are. When you see a woman carrying a handbag, your mind develops a mental picture of her personality. Indeed, handbags not only make women look and feel great but also define who they really are. I hope you are familiar with the Coccinelle handbag brand that offers so many great options for any personality. Here is what your handbag says about you.

What Handbag Says About You

Tote Bag

If you are a tote bag fan, you definitely like being yourself and you constantly voice your opinion regardless of what people say or think. You are a perennial goal setter and you like taking initiative. As long as you are a goal setting woman, you always want to have everything in place, and that is why you carry this handbag. Everything you need is in your favorite bag. Whatever you put in the bag helps you get organized for the accomplishment of your goals. If you carry a clear tote bag, it shows that you are not afraid of taking a stand to support your beliefs. 

Shoulder Bag

Now this is the bag where style comes first. If you are a woman who likes to impress and show off her status, then this is the bag for you. Are you a brave lady who has a bag for a status symbol? The shoulder bag is definitely your best friend. Quite often, women who prefer shoulder bags have several of them in their bedrooms. This is because they have to display multiple fashion collections for the world to see. For such women, there is more to just having a bag on your shoulder. Looking elegant is part of the whole idea behind carrying a shoulder bag. 

Cross-body Bag

If you always carry a cross-body bag, the one thing that defines you the best is that you only carry what's necessary. In other words, you don't mind about things that you don't need or you are not sure whether you will use them or not. If you have your phone, keys, and a few other things you'll need as you head out, you will only prefer carrying a cross-body bag. For those who prefer carrying this handbag, less is, absolutely, more. The lesser you carry, the more comfortable you are. The bottom-line is that you don't like the idea of feeling weighed down by things in your handbag. 

Clutch Bag 

If you are a fan of clutch bags, you are a very social person. You are outgoing and people like you a lot. Out of the other personalities, you are the one who loves going for parties the most. You admire and love the fine things in life. It's for this reason that you only have a few things in your bag so that you don't have distractions when laughing and enjoying a good time with your friends.

Have you known what your handbag says about you? Without a doubt, there is more to a handbag than just carrying it around as you step out of your door. It's a true reflection of who you really are. 

What Handbag Says About You


Julia Maksheeva,

CMO of Brandable SA