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What Clothes Should Be Used To Travel Around The World

This article is probably one of the most important for all people who want to travel around the world, also one of the most important for me because when I was in planning, this article will help me determine what things to take or at least have ideas about what things I need to buy or what I already have.

Over time I was able to change the content of this article, in the same way when I was travelling I would write articles with functional and non-functional comments, but from what I read and examined were general things to do to consider travel around the world.

To make a backpack or travel suitcase, points will be analyzed and that will help you decide what to bring are:

- Duration of trip: Because my travels around the world have no dates back, all my personal belongings are the ones that fit the backpack, so I have to be very careful what to wear and what doesn't.

- Package only items that are really needed: When you start travelling to a different place, you realize that most of the items you need can be bought on the road, so I will package the items that really need to be brought and which I can't change or get it if I need it.

- Where to visit: In my initial itinerary, there were several places with different climates, some cold and warmer, I would have packed a jacket against the cold and I would load it for 3-4 months until I arrived at my destination, which was cold weather. The same is true in reverse, but there are some things that I will take from the start and tell you the reason.

- Denim Pants (Jeans): I know that every traveller says that it is one of the worst pants you can decide to travel because of weight, they take up a lot of space and nothing is practical, but if I live my whole life with them, even in Chihuahua with summer more than 40 degrees, nothing would prevent me from leaving them.

The advantage of jeans is that you can use them for a few days without washing and there are no problems, even a student experimenting with the same jeans for 15 months without even washing.

- Trekking shoes: I always have trouble buying shoes because of my size so I don't want to risk something as smooth as walking shoes especially if I will use it to climb Everest, so I prefer to buy it on time, shape it on my feet to avoid blisters.

- Sandals for days on the beach or walking without shoes ...

My clothes were chosen based on whether they were enough to wear 2 weeks without having to wash. Some things like jeans can last longer without washing and underwear have the advantage of washing in any bathroom, but still, I assume this is in case I decide to go hiking in a remote place.

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