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What Are The Best Colour Lenses For Sunglasses?

When you look around at all the available designer sunglasses, you will notice that the lenses are available in many different shades. You can choose whatever shade makes you most comfortable, but there are benefits to the various shades for the people wearing them.

If you wondered which colour shades would be best for you, below you will find some information on the different tints you can choose from and which ones are best in various weather conditions.

What Are The Best Colour Lenses For Sunglasses?

A Yellow Or Orange Tint

You can purchase high quality cheap sunglasses at Humps and other online retailers that have a yellow or orange tint. You find that these colours are perfect for low light conditions or hazy and foggy conditions as they increase the contrast. They can help objects to appear sharper, and if you are into your winter and snow sports, then yellow may be the best choice for you.

A Green Tint

Green tinted sunglasses are also excellent for reducing glare on bright sunny days, and you also have the added benefit of them helping to reduce the amount of blue light. Wearing green shades can help reduce the amount of squinting in bright light and also helps to reduce eyestrain. If you are sporty and like your golf, tennis, or baseball, then green-tinted sunglasses are an excellent choice.

A Rose Or Red Tint

If you are wearing your sunglasses for prolonged periods, then rose or red coloured lenses are an excellent choice for you to consider. These colours not only help to filter out the blue light, but they also are considered to be soothing to the eyes, perfect when you are wearing them for a long time. People find them to be an excellent choice for driving and many people wear them while using electronic devices such as computers to help reduce eyestrain and help to filter out glare.

A Grey Tint

One of the most popular colour lenses for people to choose is grey, which allows people to see colours clearly and precisely, in their purest form. A grey tint can reduce glare and brightness, and are perfect for many outdoor activities, including driving, golf, tennis, cycling, and also running.

Amber & Brown Tints

Amber and brown are one of the best colour lenses to block blue light. They can reduce glare and increase your vision on cloudy and overcast days. These colours can significantly increase contrast, especially on blue or green backgrounds, which makes them perfect for outdoor activities. With any sport that includes grass or water can, you will benefit from having your vision significantly improved through wearing amber or brown tinted sunglasses.

Melanin Tint

There has been a lot of speculation that sunglasses with a melanin tint can help protect the eyes from conditions related to sun exposure. It has also been claimed that this type of lens can be beneficial for people suffering from macular degeneration because of the level of protection that they offer.

These are some of the most popular tints you will find in sunglasses, and shows you how many choices you have available. Always ensure that your sunglasses give you adequate UVB and UV protection, as well as protect your eyes from glare and are comfortable to wear.