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Trendy Elements A Timeless Wardrobe Needs

The secret to embodying flawlessness each day is somewhat more straightforward than you may have imagined; a timeless wardrobe. While several trends come and go every year, a select few trends have withstood the tests of time and carried their elegance over the years. Even though you should include a few trendy seasoned items in your closet, the following essential classics should rule your wardrobe collection.

Accessories And Essentials

Your wardrobe does not only consist of clothing items as accessories, and other essentials are also needed to complete any collection. A timeless pair of oversized glasses are a great choice if you are after frames that will give you the most out of your specs. Other accessories and essentials include an elegant timekeeper; a simple leather strap of a delicate chain strap is best for achieving a timeless aesthetic. You should also include jewelry accessories are also important.

Black Will Always Be The New Black

Every year in the fashion world, a new color threatens to overthrow classic black, and while some colors have previously come quite close to a victory, none have conquered black. Therefore, when choosing colors for specific items, black should prioritize as it has proven to be the ultimate timeless color. Your choice of office wear suits and cocktail dresses will often be best in black.

Leather Accents

Accents of leather in your wardrobe will give your closet the ultimate timeless edge. A classic black or dark grey leather jacket is a piece you need in your wardrobe. Even though you can opt for a more pocket-friendly faux leather jacket, it is best to instead invest in a quality genuine leather garment as it can last you through the years.

When you aren’t concerned about fading trends, it is best to invest in quality items that will withstand the test of time the same way the trend has. You can include other leather accents in your wardrobe will be a classic larger sized leather handbag in either black, brown, or shades of grey.

A Simple Selection Of Skinny Jeans

Denim jean trends have changed significantly over the years as the 90s showcased larger than life bell bottoms and high waist fits. However, the skinny jean has been the reigning fit for several years already, suggesting that it is a great choice when completing your timeless wardrobe.

It would be best if you considered a pair of well-fitting black skinny jeans as well as a fashionable dark blue pair. The light wash skinny jean is also incredibly popular, so you definitely can’t go wrong by choosing a light blue shade that brings out and shows off your curves. It is best to avoid overly treated denim jeans as they won’t be as durable as you would like them to be.

Iconic Sneakers

There are quite a few timeless sneakers out there to consider. Specific brand names have managed to craft trendsetting sneaker designs that have impacted fashion forever.

Sneakers such as the classic Adidas or vans plain black lace-ups are a great choice to keep your timeless wardrobe suitable for casual days too. Everyone needs a good pair of lace-up sneakers as we all know too well that high heels are not ideal for everyday wear.

Classic Heels In Classic Colors

High heels have brought us some of the most intriguing and exciting designs over the years. While there’s no doubt that you probably have an overflowing shoe collection already, including classic stiletto heels in plain patent black and bold red is essential for a timeless wardrobe. These two heels will keep you fashionable for years to come regardless of the changing trends.

The Black Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts can be worn in various ways, proving they are not only suitable for the office. You can pair a black pencil skirt with an iconic band shirt that has been knotted at the front or back for a trendy casual yet edgy look, or you can complete a ton of formal outfits with a pencil skirt; the options are near endless in truth. Be sure to opt for a quality fabric that provides support as thinner fabrics such as light cotton blends won’t be appropriate for formal events.

Oversized And Fitted T-Shirts

Every wardrobe needs a selection of fitted and oversized t-shirts. You can include screen printed designs to add variance to your outfits, although you should be sure to have a few plain colors as they are much easier to pair with other items. Your choice of t-shirts will mostly accommodate your casual wear.

Trendy Elements A Timeless Wardrobe Needs