Trendy Asian Motifs for Your Hairstyle
September 22, 2022

Trendy Asian Motifs for Your Hairstyle

Trendy Asian Motifs for Your Hairstyle 

Everyone knows that nature has generously endowed Asians. They have dark, thick, and shiny hair. But naturally beautiful strands of Asian girls are styled, dyed, and cut so that their hairstyles look simply incredible. Looking at the ease and creativity with which they make their image, many stylists look for inspiration and follow trends from Asia. In recent years, the K-beauty industry has become a global trendsetter, from multistep facials to professional hair dyeing. Their coloring techniques are unique, and you can make sure if you check it on These girls know a lot about style and care, and you can make your hair look impressive in various ways.

How to Do Asian-Like Hairstyle

Let's look at what steps you should take to get a fantastic Asian-like hairstyle. It's not as challenging as it seems.

Change care

  • You can try to start caring for your hair in the same way as Koreans do. Many people worldwide have fallen in love with the Korean facial system. In the same way, they carefully care for the strands. 
  • The main principles are the use of mild sulfate-free care products, as well as multistep hair maintenance. Include scalp massage, scalp scrubbing, and regular application of masks and hair conditioners in your everyday care.
  • Koreans also actively use serums and tonics, which help their strands to remain constantly moisturized and shiny. 
  • If you have a dark shade of hair or plan to dye it black, combined with Asian care, this will give an incredible result. Hair will become glossy, dense, and healthy.

Asian haircuts

  • A variety of trendy haircuts of Asian fashionistas allows you to choose any look. Whether it's a neat and feminine image or tousled and creative, any Asian haircut looks stylish. Asian women prefer to wear their hair loose and relaxed.
  • Not only Koreans set trends. Pay attention to the Japanese Hime haircut if you have long, straight hair. It has an ancient history and has revived its popularity in recent years. Straight bangs and sharp layers of hair to the cheeks look cute and unusual.
  • The Chinese bob differs from the classic one in cutting into clear rounded layers. It is suitable for you if you prefer a soft and neat style.
  • Asian women are fond of bangs. This element of hairstyle gives youth and freshness to the image. A fascinating option is Korean bangs. They are airy and thin, unlike the classic thick options.

Trendy accessories

  • Many K-pop idols know how to wear hair accessories in style. This year's most stylish options are small butterfly hair clips, simple one-color headbands, or richly decorated with beads and rhinestones, claw clips, and bows.
  • To add some Asian flair to your hairstyle, look for stylized jewelry that has an ancient history but is modern and stylish. An attractive option might be the Chinese hairpin ji. Using it, fix a high beam. The combs in the hair have a creative look. 
  • Tapes. Wrap a low ponytail with a thin decorative rope or ribbon. This Asian hairstyle is pretty simple but, at the same time, original.

Hair coloring 

  • The easiest way to make your hair look like Asian is to dye the strands black or chestnut. But the Korean beauty industry offers many more unusual options.
  • Many K-pop idols wear a pink ombre. At the same time, this hair coloring method does not look childish or too defiant. Asian stylists know how to create a beautiful gradation of pastel shades. Even the most daring color combinations have a naturally soft style.
  • Asian balayage. Pay attention to this hair coloring technique. This method allows you to preserve your natural color while giving it an attractive shade and sun glare on the strands. As you know, Asian hair is difficult to dye, as it is dark and thick. But you can see what masterpieces of hairdressing art Asian stylists create. 

What About Men's Hairstyles?

The number of options for exciting and stylish men's hairstyles in Asia is no less than for women. Such styling is very convenient and creative. Fashionable haircuts and coloring allow you to create any look you want.


  • Try a simple haircut with a curious element. Short sides and thick hair in front. Men who want to make their haircut a little more creative lift the strands up, creating a kind of triangular brush at the top.
  • Mullet. This haircut is suitable for those who want to be a little bold and youthful. The Asian version has straight hair that looks quite lush and has soft short sides. For a super stylish image, you can color the strands.
  • BTS fans love Jin's tousled hairdo. Its convenience lies in the fact that you do not need to style your hair in the morning, and the look will still be stylish.

Hair coloring 

  • Asians love to spruce up their hair with different dyeing techniques. And men are no exception.
  • Blonde strands that contrast with dark natural hair have a delightful look. To create a natural hairstyle, entrust such work only to professionals.
  • Ash brown has many benefits: it looks classy, ​​natural and pairs perfectly with textured or neat haircuts.
  • Ash strands are your win-win choice. Firstly, you can choose any shade, depending on the desired result. Secondly, gray-dyed hair gives its owner a solid but trendy image.
  • Burgundy. This shade does not lose its popularity among both women and men. That's a great option for those who have long dreamed of fiery strands but did not want to paint them in flashy red. You can add a bright accent by coloring a few strands or all of your hair.

Stylists all over the world draw inspiration from the works of their Asian colleagues. How to make a hairstyle simple, comfortable, stylish, and creative at the same time? These guys definitely know the answer. You can take fascinating modern looks and add authentic accessories to bring an Asian vibe to your hairdo.