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Top Makeup Secrets to Get On-Fleek Makeup

Top Makeup Secrets

Makeup has always been a prevalent part of our lives because who doesn’t like to enhance their features? However, one important part is that makeup can either be on-fleek or turn out to be horrendous – yup, there is no in-between. It’s safe to say that makeup is a form of art and needs time to master the makeup techniques and select the right cosmetic products to comply with the payment trends.

The market is loaded with cosmetic boxes since there are just too many makeup products, which can get intimidating. However, running away and quitting is for losers, but you can take some small steps to harness the makeup. So, if you are just starting out, we are sharing some beginner makeup techniques that will help get the makeup right!

Moisturize, Mam!

It’s a common misconception that moisturizers are only for people with dry skin, but oily-skinned people need the moisturizer just as much. So, before you start applying those full-coverage foundations, apply moisturizer to the skin after proper cleansing. It’s important to select the moisturizer for a specific skin type (water-based for oily skin and oil-based for dry skin). It’s important to apply moisturizer before you prune the skin and create a perfect canvas for makeup application.


Have you ever gone through an instance when your foundation was stripped off and oxidized? We are sure you have! To prevent such an issue, apply a primer as it helps create a perfect foundation for the smooth application of the foundation. Moreover, it ensures that foundation settles on the skin and ensure long-lasting makeup without it shifting away.


Now that your face canvas is ready, it’s time to apply foundation. However, just like moisturizers you need to buy the foundations according to your skin type. In case of dry skin, opt for a liquid and oil-based foundation (if you are fine with light coverage, a tinted moisturizer could work as well). On the contrary, if you have oily skin, opt for a water-based foundation because they are lightweight and hydrate the skin.

After choosing the right foundation, you need to learn the correct application method. The beginners often make the mistake of rubbing foundation into the skin, but the right way of tapping the foundation on your skin is with a brush. However, if you don’t have a brush, tap with two fingers!

Learn Difference Between Concealers & Correctors

Yes, we are here to burst this bubble because the majority of people confuse these two products. To illustrate, correctors are designed to correct the skin tone while concealers help conceal the blemishes, foundation, and correctors, resulting in even application. Moreover, it locks in the corrector and concealer.

Mineral-Based Face Powder

If you are aiming for a natural skin appearance rather than a cakey skin, using a mineral-based face powder works great. The mineral-based face powder can easily set the foundation and prevent the appearance of cakey skin. On top of everything, mineral-based face powders don’t have chemical dyes and synthetics, making them safer for your skin (and lower chances of clogging and breakouts, of course).

Color Coordinate, Please!

You might be compelled to use the same color in nail polish, lipstick and eye shadow because “matching”, but it’s a big no since it looks dimensional and doesn’t appeal to the viewer (don’t let those models on cosmetic packaging fool you). In simpler words, you need to add a breaking point to look edgy. To illustrate, if you are wearing a brown dress with golden embroidery, opt for a nude eye shadow and pink lipstick, so everything matches the dress.

Blending Is Essential

There is no point in applying makeup if you don’t blend it properly. Truth be told, it can result in uneven and bad-looking makeup. For instance, if you have made smokey eyes but haven’t blended the eye shadows right, it will only lead to a heavy and punched face rather than a hot look that you were aiming for. So, whenever you are applying makeup, dedicate a few minutes to blend everything right.


Sure, you have applied the foundation, but it looks so pale if you don’t apply blush. For this reason, we suggest that you apply blush on the cheeks and nose to create a natural and flushed look. People with medium and fair tones can opt for peach and rosy pink shades, while people with dusky skin can use brown and nude blushes.

Lipstick & Lip Liner

Many people think that lip liner is long gone, but they are the masters of creating fuller and well-defined lips. For this reason, whichever lipstick color you are using, apply the same-colored lip liner, resulting in a neat application and long-term application. However, don’t overdo the lip liner because you’ll like you’ve undergone lip surgery.

Is Waterproof Mascara Always The Right Choice?

Yup, we always buy waterproof mascaras, but they aren’t always suitable. That’s because such mascaras can dry out the eyelashes, resulting in breakage. Not to forget, removing waterproof mascara is such a pain and also results in lash damage. So, waterproof mascaras should only be used on special occasions, such as parties and weddings.

To conclude, these tips seem very basic to people but following them is crucial to harness the excellent makeup look. So, try out these makeup secrets and up your makeup game!

Top Makeup Secrets