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Top Items to Wear with Your Leggings

Top Items to Wear with Your Leggings

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Leggings are among the comfiest clothing that you can wear. However, most women are having a hard time finding what goes best with this wardrobe staple. 

Leggings have been in the fashion scene for centuries. They are made from different materials and worn for various purposes. Moreover, these fashionable pieces of clothing have seen many transformations, adaptations, and upgrades, making them still in demand today.

That said, wearing leggings every day is possible as it goes well with many clothing and accessories. This article will talk about leggings made from thick fabric and don't extend to cover the feet. Leggings are sometimes confused with tights. Compared to leggings, tights go from waist to toes and come in sheer and opaque. Besides, many wear tights in crazy prints, textures, and colors. 

Without further ado, below are the top fashionable items that best suit leggings.


Top Items to Wear with Your Leggings 

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Long shirts

If you want to look a little more elegant and presentable while wearing your leggings, long shirts are perfect as they can cover your behind. However, stay away from shirts that are too sexy, too tight, or too short. A button-down, long shirt is the best example of a shirt that goes well with leggings. Long sleeve tops for women really hit the mark and are a great match for leggings.

For a business casual or dressy outfit, you can add a thick belt to accentuate your waist. Wear a pair of pumps and carry a small leather shoulder bag to complete your smart-casual outfit.

Light, flowy shirts

Floral, paisley, polka dots, and striped light, flowy shirts look great with a pair of black leggings. This matchup can make a perfect springtime outdoor outfit. 

Moreover, this match creates a perfect balance between a lightweight shirt and form-fitting leggings. Choose shirts made from rayon fabrics, silk, or 100% polyester.

Chambray shirt and boyfriend tee

If you want something simple and comfy on casual days or go on a road trip, match your leggings with a chambray shirt and a boyfriend tee. Complete your casual outfit by wearing a pair of boots, booties, or flats, and you're ready to go.

Leggings are the most stylish and comfy option if you go on a long trip, sitting for long hours. Meanwhile, the upper set of clothing will allow you to remove the chambray shirt or keep it, depending on the temperature.

Long sweaters

Leggings and long sweaters are an easy but stylish combo. For instance, a black pair of leggings look gorgeous with a white, off-white, gray, or colored patterned cardigan. Likewise, for the shirt under your cardigan, you can play with patterns and colors.

However, there are things to keep in mind if you are using this combination: always wear a shorter or form-fitting shirt under your long sweater. Wearing a shirt that is longer or the same length as your sweater can ruin the balance, making you look too bulky. With this in mind, always choose a shorter shirt that is slightly higher or the same length as your hips.

Moreover, always go for a simple shirt if you are going to pair your leggings with a long sweater. With this in mind, avoid shirts with too many textures or button-downs. The simplicity of the sweater will keep your leggings outfit from looking too bulky. 

Oversized cardigans pair well with leggings. Complete the combination with a pair of high boots for a classic fall outfit that is warm and comfy. The bulkiness of the sweater complements the leggings' narrowness.


Top Items to Wear with Your Leggings

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Leggings are casual wear. With this in mind, it goes well with casual shoes such as sneakers, flats, low ankle boots, converse, and the look-alikes. 

A nice-looking flat is the ideal casual option to pair with leggings. The flats can be rounded or pointed, patterned or embellished. However, avoid flats with multiple straps or ankle straps. Straps can reach your leggings, making your outfit look off. 

On the other hand, booties and boots are perfect with leggings for snow, rain, and cold weather. The boots can be wedged, flat, or heeled. Snow boots look good with leggings, too, if you are going out in the snow. Black leggings and brown boots always look great together!

Meanwhile, if you feel like dressing up (or you need to), pair your leggings with heels! On the other hand, if you are going to wear leggings for work or a simple night out, then a pair of pumps is your best choice. 

Leggings for work

Top Items to Wear with Your Leggings

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Choose thick, high-quality leggings if you want to wear one for work. Moreover, always wear black leggings for work as it looks more professional than colored ones. 

A high-quality, solid black pair of leggings look like skinny pants and go well with a fitted blazer; always opt for a black and white theme. A white blazer, black leggings, and a white scarf can make a stylish and classy work outfit.

Button-downs also look suitable with leggings as a work outfit. Again, you can go from slightly dressy to casual, depending on the shoes, accessories, and shirt you will pair. 

Moreover, wear a shirt long enough to cover your behind and wear a belt to keep your shape. However, keep in mind that button-downs are classic shirts, so make sure that your leggings are traditional too. Choose black, dark navy, or chocolate brown if you are going to wear leggings at work.

Furthermore, choose a plain light color or choose one with a simple printed pattern like polka dots. On the other hand, if you want to wear a patterned blouse, choose something with a classic or subtle design that can match your leggings. You may also pair your leggings with a printed, long-sleeve button-down shirt with a blazer and pumps to sport a chic work outfit.


Leggings are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can wear at work, a night out, or a casual weekend. It will continue to be a wardrobe staple, so go ahead and find a fashion legging wholesale and buy as many as you want! 

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Top Items to Wear with Your Leggings