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Top 6 Fashion Trends for Shoes Spring-Summer 2022

Even in the previous season, shoes did not attach much importance. In recent years, it was possible to stay in trend with just one pair of shoes. However, in the summer and spring of 2022, this is the main focus in the female image. All the novelties that arrived on the catwalk are united by a common idea - to give the image an individuality and provide maximum comfort.

Women's shoes spring summer 2022 this season have square, rounded and pointed toes. The shape of the heels is also changing - from elegant, thin stilettos, to concave, flared and massive. The photos taken at the shows show the experiments of fashion designers with color, texture and decorative elements. Of course, this year's spring and summer wardrobe goes beyond the usual boundaries, urging you to give free rein to your imagination.

Fashionable colors of women's shoes spring-summer 2022

In 2022, fashion designers used a lot of natural shades. "Nude" was effectively replaced by pastel colors:

  • lilac;
  • pale blue;
  • sand;
  • pale pink;
  • mint.

At the same time, there are bright accents in the collections, for example, you can explore Siren womens shoes collection. Relevant shoes are scarlet, blue, yellow, turquoise, brick, emerald and olive. Emphasis is also placed on original combinations in the color block style. The essence of this trend is to combine 2 or 3 saturated colors, opposed to each other, in one ensemble.

A special place is occupied by golden and silver color. They add radiance and shine to the image, combined with any style. Metallic shoes are perfect for an office suit and a romantic evening dress.

1 - Shoes with high heels

High-heeled shoes are a classic element of the wardrobe. She never goes out of fashion. Stiletto heels, stud heels and stiletto heels add elegance and sophistication to the look. The choice of shoes should be approached with special attention, because walking on them is not so easy. Such an item is intended for festive meetings.

For everyday life, designers offer models with thick massive heels. They are more stable and comfortable. Possible shape of the heel:

  • square, with clear edges;
  • gracefully curved;
  • perfectly round.

Another interesting option is closed shoes with a hidden platform. The heel can be wooden, geometric and even mirrored.

2 - Shoes with medium heels

The average heel is worn with the following things:

  • a pencil skirt;
  • midi dress;
  • classic trousers and jacket;
  • beachwear.

In terms of convenience, shoes with glass heels are not inferior even to classic pumps. Due to the pointed toe, they lengthen the legs. In 2022, kitten heels are fashionable to combine with light socks.

As a decor for such shoes, straps are used. They can be of different lengths and widths, decorate the shoes themselves or intertwine on the leg. The T-shaped fastener on the instep remains in the trend. A tight strap securely fixes the model.

3 - Fashionable women's pumps

In the spring and summer months of 2022, boats are relevant. Velvet, lacquer, suede and leather were used for their tailoring. The model is highly regarded for:

  • comfort - the legs do not overwork and do not swell;
  • versatility - shoes are in harmony with different female images;
  • aesthetics - they give grace and accuracy to the legs, visually stretch the silhouette.

To create a romantic look, stylists recommend wearing this model with a voluminous bell skirt, sheath dress or pencil skirt. Pumps are combined with skinny jeans, classic cropped trousers

4 - Women's suede shoes

Suede shoes are present in the wardrobes of many fashionistas, but few people know that they are very stylish. Suede heeled shoes are perfect for a dinner at a restaurant or a special event. For everyday wear, you can pick up a T-shirt and skinny jeans. The fashion trend of 2021 is cowboy style. Therefore, shoes are often sewn from brown suede. As a decor use:

  • feathers;
  • fringe;
  • brushes;
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins.

Suede shoes tend to take the shape of the foot. This makes it comfortable and easy to wear. The foot in such shoes visually seems more accurate. However, there is one drawback - the product requires proper care and careful handling.

5 - Women's leather shoes

The hit of the season is reptile-like leather shoes. For a warm spring, you can purchase shoes made of python or crocodile skin. The color can be the most daring: blue, green or dark red. These shoes look expensive and solid. She will last a long time.

6 - Wedge shoes

Wedge shoes are not inferior to previous models. For spring-summer 2022, a grooved, tractor sole is characteristic. It gives the image of courage and brutal aggressive look. The wedge itself can consist of materials of different textures. Such models look good with short dresses or skirts, silk or chiffon blouses. Shoes met at fashion shows:

  1. Casual - on a low wedge, plain or combining two colors. Pair with skinny jeans and classic skirts.
  2. In punk style - with genuine leather, rhinestones and decorative chains. The wedge is massive and rough.
  3. Sports style - the wedge is wide and untidy.
  4. Japanese motifs - a wedge heel is high and flat, decorated with colorful patterns and ribbons.
  5. "Freak" style - shoes are unusually bright, with notes of "childish" creativity.

Top 6 Fashion Trends for Shoes Spring-Summer 2022