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Top 5 Lightweight Rain Jackets For Women

Lightweight Rain Jackets

More than 30 inches of rain falls each year in the United States. And unless you live in the desert, you will likely get much rain at some point in the year.

However, many women assume that an umbrella is enough to keep them dry in the rain and instead carry a seasonal jacket on hand. Big mistake! This ruins not only clothes but also hair and makeup, especially under rain and sleet. 

With so many different rain jackets on the market today, there's no excuse for not owning one. Try one of these four best lightweight rain jackets for women that you can wear for any occasion, and you'll wonder why it took so long to get your hands on one.

  • Reversible rain jacket

  • If you narrow it down to one color, you tend to worry about whether it will match your outfit. For example, someone who likes pink raincoats may want to avoid wearing red on a rainy day. For this reason, people prefer colors such as black and camel. 

    But what if one day feels a little livelier than the next? You may need a second jacket or a coat that's beautifully flipped inside out with different colors and materials on each side.  

    Regardless of length or style, a reversible raincoat is a great way to color-coordinate your ensemble for any occasion.

  • Trench raincoat

  • Trench his coat never goes out of fashion. It's classy enough to go with a woman's dress and heels or a pair of leggings and trainers. Women's winter boots look good too! 

    Although they come in different collars, lengths, and materials, all her trench coats have belts that buckle or tie in the middle for a clean look.

  • Hooded long raincoat

  • A hooded raincoat is ideal if you don't want to walk around with an umbrella (when it's too windy and you risk jumping off like Mary Poppins). Longer and super waterproof, you'll wonder why umbrellas were invented in the first place. 

    Find one with an inner lining to keep you warm and dry and an outer shell made from a waterproof material that quickly sheds rain. 

    Whether a trench coat-like belt or a simple zippered belt, you can easily find practical yet stylish belts that you can wear anywhere. 

  • Insulated raincoat

  • The best raincoats are versatile, especially when they're both insulated and waterproof. When it rains, the temperature usually drops. Wet skin can also cause chills even in warm, humid climates. 

    For this reason, a rain jacket with insulation is convenient. Depending on your geographic area, it may also function as a winter coat. Be sure to look for down insulation with a waterproof shell.

    Final Verdict

    In conclusion, if you need a different color raincoat, you should opt for the reversible rain jacket. On the other hand, if you need a raincoat and a designer jacket, you have to go with the long hooded raincoat.