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Top 10 Vibrant Lipsticks for Indian Women

Lipsticks! They’re the one thing that you can find in any beauty seeker’s vanity or purse at all times! A great lipstick can turn a good outfit into an awesome look and a boring day to one infused with compliments and admiration. Lipsticks for Indian skin tone are the best way to add some glam and shine to your ensemble.

Every lipstick online has certain attributes - some are creamy and glossy, others are 100% matte and some are in between. It depends on what one is looking for and what texture feels most comfortable. A lot of us look for natural looking lipstick shades for Indian skin to suit our skin shades as well as weather changes.

However, that does not mean that we need to wear dull and nondescript shades of lipstick! Wheatish to dusky skin tones are the spectrum of Indian skin color and there are many lipstick shades for Indian skin that are bright, vibrant and bold. They go with ethnic wear, festive wear, everyday Indian formals, Western outfits and indo western styles as well. All you need is to carry these off with confidence and joy.

Vibrant Lipsticks

  • Iba Must Have Transfer Proof Ultra Matte Lipstick – Dinner Date

  • This transfer proof lipstick is a smoky red which works wonders both for evening and night wear. This lipstick stays put whether you are eating, drinking, pouting and pecking cheeks because it is 100% transfer proof and doesn't budge unless removed gently with oil or moisturizer. The best choice for long-hour wear. It glides on effortlessly and dries as soon as applied.

  • Nykaa Matte to Last! Transfer Proof Liquid Lipstick - Dilli 07

  • Another matte lipstick in liquid form which comes in a peachy pink shade which is gorgeous for day wear. Again super matte, it is also enriched with Vitamin E for all day lip nourishment.

  • Swiss Beauty Lip Satin Matte Lipstick - Pixie Pink

  • This is a lip crayon that is so smooth, it almost feels like liquid when applying! This reddish pink shade is perfect for brunch and lunch and a general gala time out with the girls. It goes great with Indian wear because of its warm color and suits all skin tones.

  • Iba Must Have Black to Pink PH Lipstick

  • This is a unique lipstick online which changes its color from black to varying shades of pink depending on the wearer’s body pH. The finished color ranges from a delicate pink to a luscious berry shade and has a sheer finish. This lipstick works as a lip tint and a lip balm both because of its gel texture which is non-sticky, non-greasy but results in a pretty pink shade unique to everyone! Again, it is suitable for all skin tones - it will perfectly complement every skin tone!

  • Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick- Madison Red 674

  • This creamy matte lipstick comes enriched with shea butter and is a new family of shades introduced in the range. Absolutely gorgeous red shade with hints of maroon, this lipstick online is one of the perfect reds out there and the creamy matte texture keeps lips hydrated for a long time. It is also fragrance-free for those who avoid perfume in their cosmetics.

  • Faces Canada Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick - Never Mind 05 (Pink)

  • Another liquid lipstick from Faces Canada gives us one of the coolest bright lipstick shades for Indian skin. This lipstick is also free from alcohol and instead infused with Almond oil and Vitamin E which means that one can wear this gorgeous pink lipstick for 10+ hours without worry or guilt.

  • Iba Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick – Dreamy Pink

  • Iba’s amazing range of matte liquid lipsticks has some of the best lipsticks for Indian skin tone. This non transfer lipstick is pig fat-free, alcohol-free and has no animal origin pigments. Instead, it is enriched with argan oil, marula oil and almond oil for that satin smooth application & hydrating effect on the lips. The pretty pink shade can also be your everyday signature shade all year round!

  • MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick - Raspberry

  • This fiery pink shade from MyGlamm has moringa oil and Vitamin E and makes for a superb, highly pigmented lipstick. The finish is almost matte and is very lightweight. It’s one of our favorite lipstick shades for Indian skin.

  • M.A.C. Lipstick - Ruby Woo

  • M.A.C. wows us with this classic vivid red shade - Ruby Woo. It also comes in a mini version and has a satin smooth matte finish to give alluring red lips - perfect for day or night. This lipstick online is a bit indulgent but worth every penny!

  • SUGAR Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick - 07 Peachwood Mac (Peach Pink)

  • Sugar really got this transfer proof lipstick right! In a beautiful pink mauve shade, it is one of the most suitable purple-based lipsticks for Indian skin tone. Containing jojoba oil, the vivid color suits day wear no matter the occasion and provides a non-greasy, zero-smudge wear that stays put no matter what.

    So here was our list of the top 10 vibrant lipsticks for Indian Women. We are sure there are many, many more crowd favorites but you can go try them, see what suits you best and wear it your way!