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Top 10 Tips To Make Your Fashion VLog Go Viral!

If you're passionate about fashion, launching your own fashion Video Blog or Vlog is one of the best ways to express yourself. VLogs are also great ways to create authentic visibility for your fashion business. They are a tool to grow your voice as a fashion influencer. 

It can also help you connect with potential customers and clients if you have an independent career in this industry, say as a stylist, designer, or fashion writer. 

Though thousands of Fashion Vlogs already exist, there is always space for new voices. 

Here are some tips to help you bring your A-Game to work and build a memorable, showstopper Vlog!

1. Make It Unique 

One of the most challenging and exciting things to factor in is how you plan to differentiate your Vlog from what's already out there. This will help you stand out from the crowd, develop edgy content, and also plug in gaps that exist in this space. 

For example, if you want to focus on plus-size fashion, then understand how you will differentiate it from the thousands of plus-size fashion Vlogs that already exist. 

The second aspect is to focus on an aspect of fashion you feel passionate about and can relate to, naturally. This will make it a much more fulfilling journey for you. 

2. Be Inspired By Trends

The fashion industry is undergoing dramatic shifts. A lot of it has to do with sustainability, human rights, inclusion, budgets, and other social factors. 

Keep an eye on trends and the real needs of people, and you'll find a great amount of inspiration that connects with your audiences in an authentic way. Sustainable fashion, accessible fashion, cruelty-free clothing, and beauty products, as well as fashion for all, are growing global trends that need more voices and creative storytellers. 

3. Make It SEO-Friendly 

Every day, millions of people are searching for trends, products, and ideas connected to fashion. Having a solid SEO strategy is a must for a successful VLog. You can create video content around what consumers are organically looking for and also use the keywords effectively in the video text. Make sure your videos use the right hashtags and are tagged in the right categories on platforms like YouTube. Keep an eye out for global campaign hashtags that connect to your Vlog and brand for further amplification.  

4. Edit Like A Pro

The aesthetics and production values of videos have grown by leaps and bounds, and audiences are used to high-quality videos. The good news is that you do not need to have superior shooting and editing skills to make good videos. 

Shooting with your smartphone gives you a pretty decent production quality, while free-to-use platforms like VideoCreek's YouTube Video Editor help you edit all footage and give it a slick, professional, streamlined look. You can use animation, transitions, as well as icons, emojis, and stickers, to make your videos more personalized, and fun. Navigate to this website.

5. Grow Your Branding 

Branding gives your Vlog a unique identity. Paying attention to the details right from scratch is a good idea. Spend time imagining the kind of vibe you want to create and build on your logo, nomenclature, color scheme, voice, titles from there. 

Your branding should be consistent across all social media, websites, and other online properties. Someday, your Vlog might burgeon into a full-fledged business, and it's good to be prepared. 

6. Be A Regular 

Consistency is a virtue for any Vlogger, as followers are more likely to grow into fans if they see content posted on a regular basis. A frequency of at least two videos a week is good to start with, though a frequency of a video a day is even better. The important thing is to arrive at a schedule that works for you and be disciplined about executing it. 

7. Engage With Followers 

Conversations are the biggest drivers of social influence. If your video can inspire people to talk about something, connect, express, then you'll find higher engagement on your timeline. 

Make sure to respond to all the comments, and also post some form of call-to-action in your video. For example, you could invite your followers to offer an opinion or share their own fashion hacks and wish-lists, and these could be featured in your new videos. Engagement feeds into fodder for content while also celebrating and shining the spotlight on your followers.   

8. Have Your Own Website

It's a good idea to have a professional website in place, where followers can access all your content. They can know more about you, the companies, and the organizations that might want to partner with you can know more and reach out. As your following grows, you can leverage your blog to sell custom-merchandise and monetize your Vlog.  

9. Promote Your Content 

When you push out new content, be sure to promote actively, too. You can leverage stories, reels, newsletters, and other tools to create buzz around your content. Tagging followers, influencers, collaborators also help to build virality. 

10. Find The Right Partners 

Featuring brands, influencers, followers, and other entities that have a strong connection to your brand will help you grow your following faster. For example, if you run a pet fashion blog featuring pet product brands, famous pet influencers, as well as the pets of your followers, can create genuine excitement for your vlog. 

You can also put a call out for partners when creating content. Make sure the terms and conditions of the partnerships are clear so that your partner does their bit to promote your VLog and brand. 

Have Fun On The Job 

Building a successful Vlog is a long journey. There will be good days and bad days. Sometimes you'll feel very excited, and some days you may feel demotivated. While it's fun to gain more and more subscribers, don't make that the key driver for you, as the numbers can be volatile. The important thing is to always remind yourself of exactly why you started the Vlog and what purpose it serves in the Internet fashion universe. Use VideoCreek to edit your videos.