Finding a Ring
November 03, 2022

Tips To Finding a Ring That Fits Your Style

No matter the occasion, one could never go wrong with a ring; these ornamental staples are the true mark of love, appreciation, commitment, beauty, and sophistication. What more could a girl ask for? We'll tell you- a personalized band, a ring that speaks volumes about their personality and style. Whether you're ring shopping for yourself or cross-reading this piece for a special lady in your life, a style-matched ring will always top the charts. But how do you bag the right finger candy that'll dazzle for years to come?

Five inspiring tips for finding the perfect ring

Ring shopping is a personalized experience; the market is cut to meet every woman's taste, style, need, and budget. While that's an impressive range of variety, it can quickly get overwhelming, not to say intimidating, for a novice shopper. But worry not because we're exploring five easy tips to finding that flattering dime that'll perfectly complement your style. Read on for the scoop.

Know your stones

Marilyn couldn't have said it better; diamonds are a girl's best friend; these classic masterpieces have been a traditional go-to for the longest time, bringing their timeless charm to every band they embellish. But who's to say you can't march to the beat of your drum? If you're one to disregard boxed traditions, then learning the available stone options is the way to go. Keep your eyes peeled for those colored gems- sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and rubies; these will present you with the perfect break from customary rings. Birthstones and crystals also make a pretty good bet for the simple spiritual girls.

Band games

We've talked all about the gems and stones, but which way do you go with your band selection? It always comes down to two things; metal color and size. For color, start by matching your ring band to your skin tone; you can do this by inspecting your veins' color. Blue-colored veins signify cool skin tones, whereas green veins hint at warmer tones. A combination of green and blue veins means you have a neutral undertone which fortunately lets you pull off any band color. For individuals on the warm-toned spectrum, a yellow, rose, or white gold ring band would look captivating; comparably, silver and white gold looks dazzling on cool-toned shoppers. With respect to size, short wide fingers rock a dainty narrow band effortlessly, while stackable enamel rings, and wide bands perfectly accentuate long slender fingers.

Learn your shapes

Here's a misconception we'd like to break- gem cuts are synonymous with shapes. Wrong. The cut typically refers to the style or design guide used to shape the jewel roughs. The shape, however, alludes to the ring's outline, as seen in the display case. Why do we bring this distinction up? The cut will determine your ring's symmetry and brilliance, whereas the shape will dictate how flattering the ring looks sitting on your finger. Take individuals with long slender fingers; for instance, a bold-cut ring with round stones will tastefully trim and widen their fingers. 

Existing statements

Okay, this is an easy one. How well will your chosen ring complement your closet? Better yet, how well does it play with the rest of your jewelry? Work this out by identifying your style- would you dub it classy, trendy, bohemian, glamorous, or retro? If you're one to find yourself wandering off into thrift stores only to pull out a chemise and slip dress, then it's safe to say garish-styled rings aren't for you. Instead, try your luck with a vintage solitaire piece. For the Elle and Cosmo-inspired fashionistas that can't resist bling, dazzling showpiece finger candy should do the trick. Similarly, tapping into your jewelry box for inspiration is a safe bet- do you spot more minimalistic pieces or chunky cluster sets? Pull from this to find your personalized ring.

Final thoughts

Finding that perfect ring isn't a two-step dance; the process takes time, research, and a lot of consideration. While this sounds like an intimidating feat to most shoppers, the treasure is always worth the hunt. Every detail counts when you're looking to invest in a timeless number that'll mesh well with you for years to come. Remember, it's all about your style, and no one recognizes that better than you, so while we suggest considering these tips, nothing is set. You're just as good with them as you are trusting your judgment when shopping for that perfect ring