Three Great Signs to Look For When Shopping for Maternity Leggings
June 15, 2022

Three Great Signs to Look For When Shopping for Maternity Leggings

The celebration of new life is exciting for you and the people around you who love and support you. As the months go on, a baby begins to grow in your belly and before you know it, a child is born! You’re doing the prep work that you can before the arrival of your little one. You are getting the nursery painted, putting the crib together, and picking out baby names. However, during all of the changes that are happening within your household, you also want to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

With everything going on and even a little bit of pregnancy brain, you may not have thought about how your typical clothes will most likely not fit you while pregnant. Your favorite blouse, legging, jeans, and tight dress will probably have to be put away for a season. But you don’t have to put away leggings for good. You can get maternity leggings that give you the necessary stretch and support that you need throughout your pregnancy. How do you know what to look for in maternity leggings?

There are some signs you want to be on the lookout for when it comes to shopping for maternity leggings. By knowing what to look for, you can get yourself the best maternity leggings you need for the time you are growing your little one.


First things first, your maternity leggings need to be soft. The last thing you want is to pull up your high-rise maternity leggings over your baby bump and they are scratchy and itchy on your belly. You want to make sure you have ultra soft maternity leggings that are comfy for you to wear around the house or while you are out running errands.

Some good fabrics for maternity legging are modal and spandex. Model is breathable and absorbent for your active days, with a cotton feel that is soft so your legs and belly feel cozy. The spandex is a softer material but is mainly there for the stretch and flexibility of the maternity leggings. A combination of both equals the ideal pair of maternity legging.

Stretchy and High Rise

Like mentioned above, maternity leggings need to be made out of a material that allows them to stretch. The last thing you need is to bend over and rip a hole your leggings. Plus, you don’t want to feel constricted when you are wearing maternity leggings. You also want to look for maternity leggings that stretch as you grow, but then resume back to their original state post-pregnancy. This allows for you to wear them even after you give birth instead of them becoming part of the clothing section in your closet you never touch anymore.

With maternity leggings, they need to be high rise. However, some maternity leggings are high rise but still have an elastic band. Try finding maternity leggings that are high rise and go over top of the belly and do not have an elastic band that will dig into your belly and sides. With a high rise option, you can pull the extra material over top of your belly up to your breasts. Then, you can roll them back down post-pregnancy to where they fit comfortably. Great signs to look for in maternity legging are them having the ability to stretch and being high rise without an elastic band.


You want soft and stretchy, but you also want support. When shopping for maternity leggings, make sure you are buying maternity leggings that flex but also hold everything together. No one wants saggy maternity leggings that offer no support. Another thing to look for in supportive leggings is to make sure they are not see-through.

We have all seen the thin leggings that show a little too much underneath. Your supportive maternity leggings are breathable but also not too thin to show what's underneath. Make sure the maternity leggings offer a little bit of structure so they don't just instantly fall off once you start walking around. If the maternity leggings you are looking at say they are supportive, then this is a great sign that they are higher quality maternity leggings.

Live Comfortably

You don’t have to shy away from leggings during your pregnancy. You can still enjoy the comfort of leggings with maternity leggings. When shopping for maternity leggings, there are great signs you want to look for. You want to make sure that the maternity leggings are ultra soft.

Stay clear of scratchy material that makes your belly and legs feel itchy. You also want legs that are stretchy and have a high rise option to go over your belly. Lastly, shop for supportive maternity leggings that offer flex with a little bit of structure. With knowing what to look for, you can get yourself the best maternity leggings there is to offer.