The Ultimate Guide to Buying Watches for Women
September 01, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Watches for Women

Generally, men buy watches more than women do. It was always discussed that women's watch markets were sidelined. Many eyes are generally downsized from men's watches, with some stones to make them look feminine. But now, it is evolving. The process is slow, but the scenario is changing.

In the watch industry, women designers are increasing rapidly, resulting in female-centric designs for women. The look of the watches is the most important thing to remember while buying watches for women. It is crucial to choose a watch that suits your style correctly. It is an effective add-on to the appearances.


Designer or classic brand

It is essential to take care while buying watches for women. Some intrinsic truths are necessary to remember while buying watches. It is a generally known fact that brand is not everything. Some luxury watches are not meant for liking and are not even needed. On the other hand, not all designer watches need to be wrong. Some are good, for example, a wide range of Calvin Klein watches. That's why care is required while buying.

What style to choose?

It is essential to notice the watch's size and shape before buying. The best choice for women is round, but some prefer rectangular watches to show their bold look.

  • Casual watches generally range from medium to large in which everything is visible.
  • Watches with some jewelry on it is considered formal watches. It can be a little pricey but exclusive in designs.
  • Finally, the fashion watches for women are generally trendy watches that famous fashion brand releases.

Size of the wrist

Women's wrist generally ranges from 5 to 7 inches, and their watch's diameter ranges from 24 to 34 mm.

  • Women with small wrists should wear watches with 22 to 28 mm diameters.
  • An average woman can wear watches with a diameter of 28 to 34 mm.

The watch's size also depends upon the style of the eye, whether it is used as an accessory or a wristwatch for daily use.

It's all about material.

The look of the women's watch is critical, and the look depends upon the material used for watches.

  • Gold watches are in high demand. It has several shades like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and pink gold. Sometimes platinum is also used with a shade of gold.
  • Watchmakers usually use stainless steel to make watches.

The other element that is important to consider is the glass. There are three types of watch crystals.

  • Acrylic glass

It is the cheapest glass among the three. It is made of plastic and is flexible, transparent, and light. It is tough to break, but the issue is it gets scratched easily. Due to this, many watchmakers use mineral glass.

  • Mineral glass

The most common glass is widely used in making a watch. It is caused by hardening heat and is coated with challenging material.

  • Sapphire glass

It has outstanding resistance property and high clarity, making it a perfect choice for premium watches.

Strap or Bracelet

Bracelets of various types are used in women's watches. It can be in a single band that is made up of stainless steel or gold or platinum, or both. Straps are usually made up of really stylish leather.

However, buying an interchangeable band watch can be the best idea.


Color is a personal choice. It depends on the wearer’s mood. Women are aware of it. Women know the power of color, and they accessories it accordingly. For example:

  • White color may look good on women with fair skin.
  • Black shade may look better for women of darker skin.
  • Women with neutral skin tone can go for silver or beige color.


The task of choosing the perfect watch can be somewhat overwhelming. However, if you keep the pointers discussed above, your watch shopping experience will become much smoother.