Lingerie Trends
March 09, 2023

The Top 5 Lingerie Trends of the Year

I. Introduction

Lingerie Trends

Fashion is fleeting, and rather quickly some popular models of clothing are replaced by others. If we're talking about pants, skirts, or outerwear — such changes are always more noticeable, but when it comes to lingerie, not all women give it due attention. Of course, why follow the novelties and buy a new set if no one will see it anyway? We at Empress Mimi think a lot of people are wrong about this. 

The chosen lingerie will be seen by you, and if you don't like what you're wearing, you can forget about self-confidence. Undoubtedly, we all have our own tastes and preferences in matters of style, but if you're always ready for new trends in fashion or experiments in the choice of clothing — it's worth checking out the trends in the world of underwear. Last year the following five trends stood out more than others, each of which with its own characteristics.

II. Trend #1: Sustainable Lingerie

Lingerie is like a second skin, but unlike with your natural skin, you can choose what kind of lingerie you want to wear. If you want lightness, maximum comfort in freedom of movement, and participation in something more — the fashion of eco-friendly underwear is exactly what you're looking for. The problem of pollution on our planet worries many famous fashion designers, most of whom are successfully fighting it by creating eco-collections. Organic and recycled materials look as good as synthetic, they interact well with the skin and provide the proper comfort. 

Responsible production and the use of natural materials have become an integral part of the work of the following well-known brands:

  1. Lara Intimates. In the catalogs of this British company, there are many bras in a variety of sizes, from 26 to 40, from A to GG. For their manufacture, they use recycled fabrics and plastic, but this fact does not interfere with the quality and attractiveness of the finished products.  
  2. Organic Basics. In addition to underwear, this brand also produces sportswear and other necessities. Materials used to create them include organic cotton, tassel, and recycled fabrics (wool, nylon, and cashmere). In its search for partners, the brand targets only those who share its mission to save the planet.
  3. Cosabella. An Italian lingerie brand distinguished by being completely handmade with the participation of the best craftsmen. Chic floral lace is made from recycled elastane and polyamide, so those who want a seductive set will not be disappointed. 
  4. Empress Mimi. Our UK-based eCommerce lingerie store uses compact, logistically optimized and reusable packaging in order to minimize the CO2 footprint of the shipping process. Our Empress Mimi lingerie is designed to last and comes with purpose-built storage bags, so you won’t have to dispose of it prematurely and pollute the planet.

Of course, these aren't the only companies that care about the environment and their customers. In fact, there are a lot of them, because choosing eco-friendly lingerie has a lot of advantages: excellent workmanship, pleasant texture, and a wide range of styles and designs. And most importantly: by choosing eco-sets you are helping to take care of our planet.

Lingerie Trends

III. Trend #2: Bralettes

The term "bra" has long been known, and now women have learned what bralettes are. Both versions of underwear are designed to cover and support your breasts while you are busy with everyday activities, but the ways to achieve this goal in each case are different. The main differences between the two items will be:

  1. Internal filling. Bralettes are always made of thinner, super breathable materials (such as traditional cotton), which are considered to be an excellent counterpart to the padding of standard bras. The push-up effect in the case of bralettes is out of the question. 
  2. The presence/absence of bones. Most models of bras have them, but bralettes lack such an addition, regardless of style. Instead, the chest is supported by an elastic band and straps of fabric.
  3. Size and design. Bralettes are always softer and more elastic, so you won't find them with cups of a certain size. You can pick a model that fits you based on the general designations XS-3XL, which will fit breasts with cup size 32AA-40E.
  4. There are a lot of different styles of bralettes. These can be sports tops made of thick stretch fabric and X-shaped arrangement of straps on the back, lace models with thin straps, or versions without them at all. Each product will be relevant for a certain occasion: for jogging and sports, for creating a look in preparation for a romantic date, or just for a combination with transparent shirts and blouses. 

Bralettes don't change the bust line and only provide soft support, but with the help of a bra, you can correct it by raising the breast or giving it more volume with help of bones and soft inserts. For those who don't need it and prefer the convenience, practicality, and naturalness - bralettes are an excellent choice.

Keeping up with the trends might be a little hard, but the one thing that never goes out of style is beautiful matching full sets. The ones we offer at Empress Mimi are long-lasting as well as attractive - just click the link and find out for yourself!

IV. Trend #3: High-Waisted Briefs

High-waisted briefs have long been considered a sign of tastelessness and slovenly style, but today they have many different options for any life situation. From the standard low models, they are distinguished by a great coverage, although variants with openwork see-through fabric and products reminiscent of the Brasiliano style are also available for sale. You can feel very comfortable in casual models Sloggi and Playtex, which will support and cover the body both in front and back, or create a seductive image with Empress Mimi, Scantilly, and Pour Moi. No less luxurious look products by Aubade, Prima Donna, and Lise Charmel, whose high panties also well support the abdomen and flatten the figure. 

Models with flowers and other attractive patterns, like the ones by Lise Charmel, also deserve special attention. Try ordering several different styles of high-waisted panties and you will definitely be able to create the most desirable image for yourself. 

The main advantages of panties of this design include:

  • the possibility of creating a slimmer and smoother silhouette in the hips and waist area;

  • a good level of support in the abdomen;

  • smoothing unevenness of the body, which is very noticeable when wearing conventional panties under tight skirts and dresses.

It is noteworthy that the sizes of such underwear are very diverse: from XS to 7XL, so every woman can get the ideal model for her figure.

V. Trend #4: Embellished Lingerie

This version of lingerie stands out among the rest of the extraordinary luxury, which became possible thanks to the huge number of stones, satin ribbons, or sewn small flowers. The imagination of the designers wasn't limited to only one option of decoration, so on sale, you will always find lingerie to create a delicate romantic image, products in a more daring and provocative style, or options that may well become part of the holiday suits. 

The main feature of all these bras and panties is definitely the open details of products, the uniqueness of design, and a variety of textures. You will not find designs like these in any usual set of lingerie, but this doesn't mean that these models can't be worn under clothing. Whether you are looking for a stylish bust, or want to buy sexy, but at the same time comfortable clothes for sleep or a special date — there is always a good solution in this category. Complimenting a beautiful set is always possible with erotic light robes or a beautiful dress.

Bras with rhinestones, transparent mesh panties with chains, or with stitched flower buds - any option will help to create the perfect image for you. Don't be afraid to experiment and discover new things; trying out embellished lingerie is very easy, especially considering the huge range of exclusive models. Effectiveness, uniqueness, and luxurious appearance are the main advantages of these products.

Lingerie Trends

VI. Trend #5: Bralette Sets

Underwear sets with bralette tops instead of standard bras often arouse considerable interest among connoisseurs of everyday lingerie. From light, barely noticeable on the body models to spectacular products with dense lining and low waist for better fixation — every woman can choose the most comfortable and beautiful set. It can be:

  • Transparent or lace top models with delicate embroidery and floral prints, which are complemented by the same transparent mesh panties;
  • Knitted bralettes of different colors with comfortable panties of the same material (for more comfort buy cotton panties with a little extra stretch);
  • Models with a combination of several kinds of material (often cotton bralette fabrics are complemented with mesh inserts, and panties are made only of one type);
  • Satin and silk sets.

The variety of colors and shapes of such sets only contributes to the choice of the most comfortable option. This is a great solution for everyday lingerie because unlike many models with a classic bra, in addition to the attractive appearance, such sets feel very light on the body. 

VII. Conclusion

And so, each of the five lingerie trends above is undoubtedly worth your attention. Whether you choose a product from the organic collection, buy a bralette and high-waisted briefs, or give preference to a set with bralettes — we are sure any decision will be the right one. It's also worth ordering a set of embellished lingerie, the vast catalog of which is sure to contain something you will find appealing. Empress Mimi lingerie store is the best opportunity to choose high-quality casual, erotic or just very cute lingerie, whatever category it belongs to. Don't miss the chance to buy it - there are so many ways a beautiful set of lingerie can improve your life!