January 26, 2019

The Perfect Self-Defense Tools For Women

The fear of uncertainty made the insurance sector flourish. For any woman, the thought of being powerful enough to be able to repel off any danger is calming.

Because women are more prone to attacks, carrying a self-defence tool and using it well when necessary will increase their odds of survival. Nowadays, it is very important that women know how to defend themselves in times of danger. And with that being said, bringing protective gears and learning how to use it are very helpful to keep women safe in danger and harm. Investing in protective gears is a great idea and if you don't know where you can get one, you can visit and you can choose the one that you prefer the most.

Even though some women may not see the need to carry a self-defence tool because it may look weird or it may be bulky.

On a contrary, you can use such tools to repel attacks that may harm other people. Furthermore, most of the tools on this list are small enough to fit inside a purse. Below are some of the tools professionally and specifically designed to suit a lady's safety needs.

1. Pepper Spray.

Just one blast on the face by a pepper spray can really be irritating. Pepper sprays are less lethal but just enough to fight back when you are attacked. You can use a pepper spray even if your assailant is a few feet away from you.

They are easily accessible and you do not need any special training before you can start using them. Pepper sprays are made in different shapes and sizes and it is possible to get a can small enough to fit your purse.

2. The Comb knife.

This is one of the most discreet tools on this list because they can easily blend in with your own personal stuff. It gives you an upper hand against an attacker because you can fight back without them expecting. Comb knives are made in many different designs giving you a wide range of variety to choose from. Apart from being a weapon, comb knives can be very handy to a woman.

3. The Key Chain Knife.

Also known as the black cat, this key chain is a self-defence tool for women designed to look like a key chain. In case of any danger just slip the key chain through your fingers and throw a punch. As much as it may look small, when used properly the black cat key chains can be very effective.

4. Stun gun.

Stun guns are one of the most popular self-defence tools used by women. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are easily available on the market.

Stun guns are very effective and when used well they can completely neutralize a threat in the shortest time possible.

They are very safe and cannot malfunction and electrocute its owner since most of them are designed with safety mechanisms to avoid such an occurrence.

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5. A Pen Knife.

This special pen has a knife discreetly hidden inside a working pen, it is long and sharp enough to help you escape an attack. This is a discreet tool that can be carried almost anywhere without raising any eyebrows. It's the only limitation is that it is more effective when your assailant is close to you.

6. A Hand Gun.

Depending on the situation carrying a gun is allowed. A gun completely neutralizes any danger that is looming even from a distance. However, you need to be licenced and trained on how to use a rifle.


When carrying any type of weapon you need to have a lot of self-control. Many people may annoy you but not everyone may be posing any risk to your safety. You need to understand the consequences that may result from you using your weapon. This may help you avoid a lot of trouble with authority and those close to you.