The Latest Female Sunglass Trends of 2019
May 14, 2019

The Latest Female Sunglass Trends of 2019

Summer is quickly approaching, so that means that it is time to get on the latest sunglass trends so you are looking hot in the heat!

The Latest Female Sunglass Trends of 2019

Sunglasses are a big industry -- in fact, these fashion items are projected to rake in about $180 billion by the year 2023. 

Because you have so many options in front of you, you owe it to yourself to look into the sunglass trends that are hot right now. This way, you stay up to date and will be able to look your best, while also protecting your eyes in the process. 

Consider these tips as you shop around for a new set of sunglasses. 

1. Colors Are Becoming More Expressive and Fun

Color schemes for sunglasses today are as fun as they have ever been.

Instead of only buying bold and solid colors, people are purchasing different shades of yellow, green, orange and pink.

No matter what brand you are going for, designers are getting a lot more expressive and fun in the creations that they are coming up with.

The luxurious label Gucci sunglasses come in a number of great color options. Make sure that you shop around until you find the best colors and styles available to you. 

2. Women Are Exploring the Cat Eye Look

A nice set of shades can dress up just about any outfit. The cat eye style can be both fun and relaxed, or stylish and sophisticated. 

The cat eye look is yet another part of the retro revolution that is finding its way back into public consciousness.

A number of women in the 50s and 60s wore the cat eye glasses look, and this style is back in full force.

Whether you go full cat eyes or opt for mini cat eyes, sunglasses designers have lots of options you can explore. 

3. Oversized, Futuristic Shades Are In

Today you will also see so many different futuristic versions of sunglasses. 

Designers like Loewe and Tom Ford have come out with some shades that might be more accurately described as visors.

They cover all sides of your eyes and come equipped with more material than you will generally get with your typical set of shades. 

This way, your eyes will be further protected and you will be more expressive as you try on a new set of shades. 

4. Look Into Mirrored Lenses

Finally, a number of people who love fashion are turning to mirrored lenses when they buy their sunglasses. 

These shades give you lots of eye protection and a glossy finish that will really be the icing on the cake with your glasses.

When you look into these mirrored sun shades, you are able to complement any facet of style or fashion that you generally lean toward. 

Check Out These Fun Sunglass Trends

These are the sunglass trends that you need to know about whenever you are purchasing some hot eyewear this spring.

The main takeaway is that you have lots of options when you are shopping for these shades. 

Let this information guide you so that you look your best during the warm weather season. 

Take a look at this guide so that you can get more out of your fashion.

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