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The Funkiest Pajamas to Try Before you Die

The Funkiest Pajamas to Try Before you Die

Do you know where did the word ‘Pajama’ come from? Well, it comes from the Indian Term ‘piejamah’ which means loose pants to tie to the waist during sleep. It’s more of a ‘Night wear’ in simple words. Whether its Christmas, Halloween, or any other festivals, there is always a style statement for the people to be in trend on any occasion.

They have either a set of matching family pajamas, couple pajamas, matching pajamas for mother and daughter, for Father and son or brother and sister. People are so mad at pajamas that they even have animal, and cartoon pajamas with them.

Have a look at the Funkiest Pajamas you should definitely try before you die

So, if you love to own a variety of pajamas in your closet, then check out these types. You won’t resist yourself from buying any of these-

Gingerbread Onesie Pajamas

You agree that Gingerbreads look super cute when hanged on the Christmas Trees, don’t you? Especially when they are freshly baked, the whole house smells of spices. But, don't stop there, turn your husband into a real-life walking and talking gingerbread. You can even turn your kids into mini gingerbreads which will make them more adorable than ever. Gingerbreads are really one of the funkiest types of pajamas ever

Candy Cane Pajamas

Take a Bowl of Popcorn, start a Christmas movie and you are all set for the Christmas eve. Wait! Something’s missing. Pajamas! Its Christmas and you can’t just wear anything! Christmas Pajamas are a must when you have this special event. Then Why not try Candy cane pajamas this time?  With all that red and white striped Candies on your nightwear, they would be perfect for the whole family; Candy cane Pajamas will give you the most hilarious look ever.

Superhero Pajamas

Whether you are an adult or a teen, everybody loves superheroes. We love to wear superhero costumes at comic cons as a sign of our love for them. So, if you are the biggest fan of Marvel or DC comics, then superhero pajamas would be perfect for you. Your kids would definitely feel like a superhero saving the world from monsters. Additionally, this will add extra cuteness to them. Not only superhero costumes, but their pajamas are also growing to major popularity these days where you can find a full set for the family, or even for couples.

Cartoon Pajamas

Any Childhood memories crossed your mind on reading “cartoons”? Yes, they were the most golden days of our lives. But now we can relive them. Imagine yourself and your kid in a cartoon pajama, how cute it sounds! Nowadays, you can get your favorite cartoon pajamas of Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, looney tunes, and many more…You just have to search online for your favourite pajamas.

Reindeer Pajamas

Ho Ho Ho… Santa has Come, Rudolf has arrived driving Santa on his sleigh. Everyone knows Rudolf who drives Santa to deliver gifts. But when does he takes a day off?

Just like everyone else, he lounges around in front of TV and watch movies. You can be just like the red nosed cutie pie. Wear the most adorable Rudolf Pajamas on your Christmas eve and show Rudolf that you were eagerly waiting for him to bring gifts for you.

Dragon Pajamas

Do you like dragons? Remember you used to watch dragons on TV. Even if they were horrific creatures splashing fire from their mouth, they are of no harm when worn as Pajamas. Your kids would look the cutest of all in dragon pajamas. You can have dragon hoodie attached with the onesie which would look like your head is in dragon’s mouth. Hey, don’t panic, it’s just a simple pajama with soft non-harmful mouth, with fluffy teeth and tail   

Skeleton Pajamas

It sounds so horrible when we say a ‘skeleton’. We always imagine the horror movies that we watched biting our nails. But the neon skeleton suits are worn during dance shows and Halloween parties. Skeleton Pajamas are the most unique and funkiest pajamas that you can ever get. You can buy full family pack for you and your kids as well. 

Wrapping Up…

So, what are you waiting for? You are ready to throw a pajama party now. Create a theme and tell your gang to dress up like animals or cartoons. Whether it’s day or night, Festive season or not, pajamas are just love when it comes to comfort. They are more comfortable than wearing a night gown, a short one-piece or shorts.

So, instead of giving someone a dress on their birthdays, you can also gift them their favorite type of Pajamas they always wanted. They come with short or long sleeves, with collar or without collar so you have a lot of options when buying one.