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The Basics of Goth Fashion

If you want to jump into the Gothic style, you better learn the basics. It requires a thorough study of each element to complete your look and a little bit of financial investment. We recommend checking out NinjaCosmico for purchasing affordable apparel for your first goth look.

Goth can be a complicated style if you don’t know the basics. Don’t worry; we are going to help you out with it. Following, we will introduce you to the basic guidelines of Goth fashion.

Basics of Goth Fashion

Goth doesn’t mean too dark or wired which means hopelessness. It’s about glamour and standing out from the crowd. Goth sub-culture lets you understand your dark side. Once you understand the basics, you can tweak your look as you want with the following fabrics:

  • Velvet
  • Lace
  • Silk
  • Sheer Chiffon
  • Leather

You can pair your dress with necklaces and studs. Following we are going to give you some style tips that will see you through both cold and warm seasons:

  • Leather pants or shirts are an easy start to gothic clothing. Pair leather pants with some chiffon shirt (black as well). It will give a glamor look without being dramatic. You can use accessories with studs or spikes to complement this look
  • Pair up metallic inserts with some black sequins. This combination is not only for evenings. You can use it as your daily wear. You can try and add your favorite skinny jeans and pair them with a fitted sweater. Add in some accessories and wear ankle boots to complete your look. It’s a great option if money is a concern for you
  • If you don’t know to think black pairs well with your complexion, you can try some other dark shades. For instance, you can try dark plums, dark green, deep navy or even oxblood. In case you appreciate bright details, then wear the appropriate makeup. Wear red, try burgundy lipstick and eyeshadow if you have a fair complexion. You can try bold smoky eyes for a bit more emphasis
  • It’s time to discuss footwear, platform boots and shoes are a great hit within the Goth community. So, you better invest in a pair. If you can afford, try knee-high leather boots, they are a true Goth’s dream!
  • You must choose the right outerwear. When it comes to dressing up as a Goth in cold weather, get an architectural coat that shapes your outfit properly. You can also try embellished outer like bejewelled coats. Just make sure the embellishments are in dark colors
  • Don’t forget lace; they make an important part of your outfit.  You can wear lace in both cold and warm seasons, even daily. So, get a lace blouse or a shirt with lace sleeves. You can also try your luck with a lace dress. It's elegant, feminine, and goth

You should know by now that gothic doesn’t mean horror look. It’s all about a dark elegance with sophistication.

Just follow these easy tips, and you will have no issue embracing gothic fashion. Try to understand the essence of gothic clothing before you develop your sense of style.

The Basics of Goth Fashion