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Stay Young and Beautiful

For the female side of the world, there has never been more pressure on us to look good.  We spend more on beauty and grooming products than ever before – and men aren’t exempt from this! 

We all want clear, glowing, wrinkle-free skin, shiny, bouncy hair and the perfect white smile.  But whilst a ‘quick-fix’ of cosmetic surgery might be the answer for some people, it makes more sense to protect yourself by using the very best skincare and taking care of your body.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

The three-step skincare routine is popular for a reason.  We all need to keep our skin clean to remove grease and dirty that has built up during the day – if you live in a big city like NYC, you’ll know exactly what I mean! 

It’s important to use a moisturiser with an SPF – around SPF 30 is great for most skins, but fairer skins or those prone to burning may want to opt for a total block. 

Ensure you choose the right products for your skin; have a consultation at a beauty counter if you’re not sure.  If you have oily skin and use products for dry skin you’ll just be exacerbating the problem.

Look After your Smile

You probably know that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, but it also helps to regularly use mouthwash and floss.  The more time you spend caring for your teeth, the less dental problems you will experience as you get older. 

Be careful when using whitening toothpaste – ones with baking soda aren’t ideal for those with sensitivity issues as they may cause canker sores and discomfort. 

By heading to the dentist for regular check-ups every 6 months, you can nip any problems in the bud and ensure that your teeth are happy and healthy. 

Visit your local dentist regularly and find one that you like – I visit my local dentist every 6 months for a check-up to ensure that any issues are tackled before they get any bigger!

Eat Well

It might sound like a cliché, but the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is true.  Ever noticed that you feel more energetic and happier when your diet is better?  That’s your body telling you these things are good for you. 

Try to combine fresh fruit and vegetables with light protein choices such as lean meat and fish and don’t forget dairy. The ideal diet is one which doesn’t exclude any one food group, but one which remembers that moderation is key – a little of what you fancy does you good! 

If you feel like a bar of chocolate or a glass of red wine, treat yourself.  Just remember to balance it out with plenty of nutritious food and prevent dehydration by drinking enough water to keep your skin clear and glowing. 

By eating well you will also be able to regulate your weight more easily – there is huge pressure nowadays in regards to weight and although being skinny is not necessarily healthy, normal consistent weight is something to strive for.

By following these tips you can do your bit to look after your body and stay young and beautiful for longer.

Stay Young and Beautiful