Stay Stylish For Less With These Affordable Activewear Picks
September 18, 2020

Stay Stylish For Less With These Affordable Activewear Picks

If like other individuals, you adore activewear but cringe every time you see the price tag on those expensive high-end brand leggings, fear no more. While some of the most fashion-forward pieces may come at a price, activewear can still be stylish AND affordable.

You can stay on-trend and experience the performance-enhancing technology of athleisure clothing without splashing out $100 on a pair of leggings. Here’s how your next workout outfit does not need to break the bank.

The rise of affordable gym apparel

Before the birth of activewear, gym outfits were restricted to either high quality but high price apparel from the famous sports brands, or cheap but tacky budget shop pieces. Once the activewear trend hatched, prices remained high with only big designers in the athleisure game.

Nowadays, the demand for trendy gym apparel has risen dramatically. Thankfully, this has resulted in the creation of many affordable online activewear brands such as Fabletics bringing fashionable, functional activewear to fitness addicts and wellness lovers on any budget.

Here are top picks in affordable activewear in 2020.

  • Sculpting leggings

A huge athleisure trend right now is the sculpt fit yoga pants design. The increased search among consumers for leggings that are shaping, lifting, and sculpting has resulted in the leading activewear manufacturers to create an entire range of leggings that offer this sculpting fit.

Affordable activewear jumped on this trend. Using a new warp knit technology, they have created the perfect sculpting leggings designed to fit the unique form of every woman. Better yet, they’re included in their new VIP member offer of 2 leggings for $24!

  • Cozy, lightweight hoodies

With Fall arriving, there is a noticeable chill in the air. Investing in a warm and comfy yet lightweight hoodie is a must. Opting for a cropped style will allow heat to easily release through the bottom once you build up a sweat, preventing any chance of overheating.

Our favorite is a cropped hoodie with a cozy, fleece style and a relaxed fit. This makes it ideal for going to the gym, lazing about at home, or out running errands. Being the perfect choice for multiple occasions, this versatile essential will, without doubt, give you your money’s worth.

  • Timeless Sneaker Styles

You don’t need to dip into your savings to buy a new pair of performance sneakers. Many affordable activewear brands offer stylish, shock-absorbing sneakers for $50 or less. Featuring light-as-air, treaded soles for traction, and breathable mesh fabric, these sneakers will enhance your runs and protect your feet by improving cushioning and durability.

For a style that won’t go out of fashion, opt for a block color design. Play it safe with classic black or white, or go for a more bold shade such as marine blue or port wine.

By choosing affordable e-commerce retailers over the big brands, you can have style and functionality for a budget-conscious price tag. Moreover, the versatility of this clothing means you can wear your activewear at home, the gym, and the mall.

Stay Stylish For Less With These Affordable Activewear Picks