Skirt And Top Set - The Best Combination For This Summer
January 07, 2022

Skirt And Top Set - The Best Combination For This Summer

The fashion of the past likes to come back from time to time because the original and beautiful combination of things remains in the memory of generations. And here again: skirt and top set - the leader of the season!


The uniqueness of this combination lies in the emphasis on the beltline - it moves just above the navel, reaching the lower part of the ribs. And the top complements the graceful composition appropriately, without covering the accentuated waist. The style of the skirt can be any - straight, sun, fluffy, short, midi, or floor-length. Top - preferably tight-fitting, classic cut, or crop top.

Fashion costumes

If you don't want to bother with the perfect selection of top and skirt, you can choose a suit that will look harmonious, thanks to the unity of texture and shades. With the full matching of the top and bottom of the suit, it will look like a dress - feminine and sophisticated. Plus, every single piece can be combined with other wardrobe items to create fresh, fresh looks. The costume can be made of parts of different materials and colors, without losing harmony. Top and bottom, differing in shades and texture, complement each other and emphasize the uniqueness of the image. It is easy to create a full-fledged suit on your own, by correctly choosing a skirt with a high rise and a top, which do not have strong differences in color, material texture, and finish.

Crop top

At the peak of popularity - a tight, short top, sexually showing a strip of the naked tummy of its owner. This bold and defiant option will suit girls with a good figure. And it should be combined with a skirt of moderate length. A short model against the backdrop of a revealing top will look too provocative.


The top of tenderness and femininity is a lace top in tandem with a high-rise skirt. A sensual and graceful option for going out, to the theater, or on a date. Don't add flashy accessories here. The image itself is rich and complete. Such a top looks good with bohemian floor-length skirts and with strict "pencils".

Top Dress

A dress consisting of two separate parts - a top and a skirt, is a very practical thing. This dress looks very elegant and ambiguous. The top and bottom can be selected in the same texture and color, or slightly different from each other. Thanks to the variety of styles, you can choose a split dress for a wide variety of situations.

Short Top

The top, ending just above the skirt line, looks bold and bright. When moving coquettishly, a small area of bare skin is revealed, but in general, the image is calm and not defiant. This top is comfortable to wear with a high-rise skirt. With it, there is no need to worry that the hem of the top will bulge and crawl out from under the belt.

Loose top

The original version is a top with a straight cut. It will slightly hide the waistline on the skirt, creating the effect of a dress. This style is a real find for those with a narrow shoulder girdle. Thanks to the spacious top combined with a narrow skirt, the image will look foldable and proportional.

Crop top

A top that slightly covers the waistline is the most comfortable and versatile option for a high-rise skirt and top tandem. There is no need to worry about the shortcomings of the silhouette because it will hide them intelligently. Sitting tightly to the figure or slightly loose, it will not allow exposed parts of the body, merge with the belt. So you can go to the office, to study and a business meeting.

Asymmetrical top

Asymmetry may consist in the presence of only one strap or sleeve, as well as in the uneven trim of the bottom edge of the top. This style is appropriate to combine with a skirt, modest in decoration, straight or trapezoidal silhouette. A richly decorated top will adorn an extraordinary and bold look.

The game of colors


Red is the color of passion, and it is striking, causing everyone's attention. This color is exclusively friends with white and black classics. The most popular combination is a red skirt and a white top of any style. This option is also possible: a red pencil skirt with a high waist and a short black top with a scarlet floral print. The main thing is to observe moderation and do not allow color conflicts, because red is a rather aggressive shade.


The timeless classic of black is appropriate in any situation. There seems to be no color that does not go well with black. Warm and cold shades, stripes, and checks, any print will perfectly complement both a skirt and a blacktop. With such a variety of combinations, you can create many unique looks, appropriate for a wide variety of circumstances.


A weightless white is a winning option for summer to showcase the contrast of beautifully tanned skin. The uniqueness of this shade is that it looks impressive both in contrast with dark colors, and when combined with soft light tones. In the first case, you will get a bright and catchy image, in the second - a gentle and romantic one. Classic - a white top and any dark high-waisted skirt - an option for the office and study. The pastel top and white bottom are perfect for a date or a meeting with friends. A catchy red skirt and a white crop top are a bright look for an active evening.

The Best Combination For This Summer