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Simple Tips to Look Stunning In Your Plus Size Cocktail Dress

Since its introduction in 1927, the cocktail dress has become the go-to attire for women who want to look good at parties and semi-formal events.  This style was initially conceptualized as a short dress, but it has now evolved to include various lengths, patterns, and designs.

The evolution of the beloved cocktail attire means that there is a perfect outfit that can complement any body shape, including curvy women. If you are looking for Plus Size Cocktail Dresses that will make you feel and look good, here are helpful tips you should consider:

Choose a Dress that Accentuates Your Best Feature

Before you start shopping for Plus Size Cocktail Dresses, you should first know your body. Discover your best features so you can choose an outfit that will emphasize them. For instance, if you have gorgeous legs, go for a short dress to show them off.

A V-neck or scoop neckline will be perfect if you have a lovely cleavage. A dress with an empire-waist will also work to accentuate your bust-line while hiding your waist and hips. Ultimately, you should look for the right pattern and design that will draw attention to your best features, while covering certain areas that you don’t want others to notice.

Consider the Fabric

The fabric of the dress is also a key consideration in outfit selection. Note that inappropriate material can ruin the style and design of the clothing. Remember, it is best to avoid fabrics that are bulky like wool because they tend to give you a more massive silhouette. Consider lightweight and flowy material like chiffon as it complements full-figured bodies.

Look for an Outfit that Matches Your Body Type

If you want to create an hourglass silhouette, an A-line dress can be right for you. This type of clothing has a fitted top and flares out below the torso, creating an impression of a smaller waistline.

If your body type is oval, triangle, or rectangle, an empire-cut dress will suit you. This style highlights your upper body as it is fitted below the chest area instead of the waistline. Empire-cut dresses come in different lengths to complement your height and make you feel feminine and confident.

If you are not positive of what type of dress to wear, you can never go wrong with a dress that flows outward. Apart from creating an illusion of a small waist, this type of clothing can hide your tummy area and broad hips.

Play with Colors and Prints

While it is true that black and dark colors can be slimming, it does not mean that you should only wear cocktail dresses in such colors. Avoid being boring by experimenting with colors and prints.

Find a dress that uses at least two colors to make graphic shapes, as this pattern can complement your figure. You can also look for outfits that use dark-coloured fabrics on the side or around the waist to create a thinner silhouette.

In addition, you should also look for a clothing store that offers numerous options to full-figured women like Kiyonna Clothing Inc. Kiyonna has been in the business for over two decades, so its designers have the experience to create stunning dresses for curvy women.

Simple Tips to Look Stunning In Your Plus Size Cocktail Dress