Shewin Review: Is It A Scam? - Totally Honest Opinions!
October 28, 2021

Shewin Review: Is It A Scam? - Totally Honest Opinions!

It's hard to believe that I've been placing my orders with Shewin for quite a while now. This article on my blog has been long overdue ever since I received my last bulk purchase from shewin.

Have all of my orders been fulfilled? Although it's not always the case, I've also come across some incredible finds that were dirt inexpensive. Some of them are still in my possession.

Given that I'm aware that many people will be offended by my writing this review feel open to post your opinions in the comment section if you'd rather not. I'm open to new ideas at all times!

Fast fashion is something I'd want to leave behind when I'm older. However, I'm not currently a millionaire influencer yet. In spite of the fact that I earn a limited salary and live in a tiny walk-up flat, I want to seem fashionable. I want to be able to mix and match clothes in my wardrobe.

Shewin Review: Is It A Scam? - Totally Honest Opinions!

For me, this is the only feasible option, thus I'll have to shop at fast-fashion chains. Yes, I try to save up for my essentials, but I'll confess that I buy stylish, seasonally appropriate clothing from places like shewin.

The emphasis of this shewin review will not be on the industry's ethical issues (not the point of this review at all. I'm sure you can look it up yourself.), but rather a complete shewin evaluation from beginning to end.

My experience with shewin has been great, and I'd want to pass along all of my insights and recommendations!

Is The Sizing Chart Reliable?

Shewin makes it difficult to get the right size. When it comes to clothing, I'm somewhere in the between of an XS and a S.

For instance, I recently purchased three XS fall and winter clothes. One of them was a great fit (a tank top), the second cardigan was acceptable, and the buttons denim jacket I purchased was too short for my torso to fit.

Shewin Review: Is It A Scam? - Totally Honest Opinions!

There is still some guesswork involved, even though I check the size reference whenever feasible (and use a measuring tape that I have lying around for precision). Shewin works with a variety of different apparel brands and manufacturers, so the dimensions you get aren't always correct.

Other than that, the sizing is off. Some products don't fit well even if they are the correct size. For example, I once purchased a garment that was excellent except for the armpits, where it was much too tight. Also, I just got a shirt that was adorable (and had adjustable straps), but it was about three inches too short for me. There was something wrong with it regardless of how I manipulated it.

Other times, I'll get a gift that's both well-made and a wonderful match for me. Generally, the dresses fit me well in terms of length (and appear to be of higher quality than other items), and the ones with adjustable straps work well for me as well.

If you're in the center of the size spectrum, I recommend going up a size in the clothing. Remember that the majority of Shewin's women clothing are final sale, which isn't often mentioned in the company's online evaluations. Usually, I'll get a couple and make sure they're extremely cheap, so even if only two-thirds fit, it's still worth it to me. Shewin's cardigan are among my favorites, and the cost is well worth it for me.

If you don't have a measuring tape to hand, I suggest ordering a size up when ordering from Shewin. In comparison to other labels such as Ann Taylor or Express, this one's garments run a lot smaller. I'm an XS in certain brands, but at Shewin, I'm more often a S. Because many Shewin reviews omit to mention it, be aware of the atypical size.

Because the clothing is all over the place in terms of fit, it's difficult to gauge the correct size. For the most part, I usually stick to my regular measurements or purchase one size larger if I'm in doubt. However, this may result in an item being either too large or too little. If you're doubtful about the fit, go one size bigger, particularly for shirts and sweaters (they can be super short). Skirts tend to run a size bigger, however, dresses fit well with my typical sizing.

Is It True That Shipping Takes So Long?

Despite the fact that many customers complain in Shewin reviews about the long delivery times associated with items sent from China, I can honestly tell that I've never experienced this. While Shewin's projected delivery times are sometimes rather lengthy, my products have always arrived far ahead of schedule. As I said, I've placed over 25 orders with Shewin.

Compared to other shops, my most recent purchase was delivered in only three days.

Even though some orders have taken a little longer (between 5-7 days), they've always arrived on time. I'm the same as most internet shoppers in that I never purchase anything if I don't have time to wait a few days, and I plan ahead for any special occasions or trips as much as possible. Shewin doesn't provide many expedited delivery choices, so you'll have to plan ahead for special occasions and holidays.

There have been a few instances (mainly from other Shewin reviews) when Shewin has offered customers a credit if the shipment time has been too extended. Given that their customer service is so fantastic, I'm not skeptical.

Shewin often offers delivery discounts or free shipping when you spend a specific amount. They also provide free returns, which is great since I return at least one-third of the items I purchase. Therefore, making a big purchase and returning the items you do not want is recommended.

Contrary to popular belief, I've never had a problem with the delivery timing of my orders. The shipping, tracking, and return procedures have all been simple and straightforward for me.