Reasons for Using Mastectomy Bras
April 21, 2022

Reasons for Using Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy bras are essential tools for women who have had to surgically remove their breasts because of breast cancer. It is a specially designed bra that can accommodate prosthetics and breast forms that can give the appearance of having breasts. Regular bras will not be a good choice for those who had a mastectomy because it does not account for the support and comfort that is needed. Since regular bras are more for lift rather than support, and it often made from different materials and have wires that can be painful and uncomfortable for someone who had surgery.

Moreover, it can be depressing for someone who had a mastectomy to wear a regular bra and find that the cups are unfilled and unsightly to look at. For some who had a single mastectomy, the bra will be lopsided and they will need something to fill that empty cup and it should look as natural as their breasts. A regular bra does not have that feature and since the market for those is the ones who have complete breasts then they really would not make any changes to their designs. Although breast cancer is the most common cancer that afflicts women, there are not many mastectomy bra manufacturers since it would be for a very specific market.

Fortunately, someone has taken up the challenge of designing and developing mastectomy bras as the choices for this group is very limited. When we think of mastectomy, we immediately think of just losing breasts and without it, the chest would become flat and there is no longer the need to wear a bra. This is far from reality, even with a double mastectomy, the chest part will still be bulging as the female chest is naturally shaped that way. It would be too awkward to not wear a bra over it.

Some only have a single mastectomy, which means only one breast is removed, this would also require wearing a bra. Notwithstanding, some have reconstructive surgery so that they would still have breasts although they can be prosthetic ones.  So if you or someone you know just had a mastectomy, read on to find out more about the reasons why you should use mastectomy bras.

Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy bras are safe.

Immediately after surgery, your doctor might put you in an unsightly surgery bra as your wounds heal, but as soon as these are taken out, you will need something to protect the stitches from coming in contact with your clothes and possibly causing infections. A mastectomy bra is safe, it is made from high-quality cloth and materials that are soft and hygienic and it will not irritate or injure the surgery site or wound.

It does not have any wires in it and there are no seams that can be painful when worn. It is the perfect bra for those who do not have the breasts to go with it. Whether it is prosthetics, form fillers, or pads, the mastectomy bras will be able to help you achieve that confident and sexy look and no one would be the wiser that you have had a mastectomy.

Mastectomy bras are stylish.

Mastectomy bras have the unpopular reputation that it is unstylish and unsightly and difficult to wear, which may be true in the past, but with the many advancements in technology and design, mastectomy bras are as fashionable as regular bras are and come in several designs fit for every occasion and lifestyle.

There are mastectomy sports bras that were designed for the more active cancer survivor, it provides support and comfort at the same time. There are also the daily wear mastectomy bras made from cotton fabric that is breathable and super comfortable that you would not even notice that you are wearing a bra. Then, there are the lacy mastectomy bras fit for that little black dress or a night out at a party, or for those intimate nights.

It serves the purpose of giving the appearance of breasts despite not having them anymore. It also boosts confidence and knowing that when you wear it, people would not even think that you do not have breasts anymore.

Mastectomy bras are available online

As many women survive breast cancer, there is now a market for mastectomy bras and you can buy them online without having to leave the comfort of your home. It also means that it saves you from the embarrassment of asking the sales representative if they have mastectomy bras which leads to more questions and awkwardness. In this way, you simply look for a specialty online store that supplies mastectomy bras, check their stocks in the gallery and choose from there the bra that fits your personality and activity level. You only need to get your measurement so you can order the correct size for you.

Do not use your old bra size as the surgery can affect your size now, so it is better to use a tape measure to get the most accurate number. You now need to indicate the size that you want for each of the bras you are ordering. However, whether you had a single or double mastectomy, with or without reconstruction, and will you be using breast form fillers or not would be information needed to correctly order the kind of mastectomy bra. Once you have this information, you can now proceed to order the bras directly and have them delivered to your home in a matter of days.

Mastectomy bras are reasonably priced.

In the past, most medical-grade tools or implements were very expensive, and mastectomy bras are not any different. However, with more supply available in the market than demand, the price range for these bras has lowered but they are by no means cheap.

The good thing is that these mastectomy bras are considered medical aids such that they can be covered by health insurance. If you do not have insurance for it, it is still well reasonably priced that you surely can order a pair or two. Besides, the bras are durable and if washed and worn as instructed, they will last for a long time.