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Must-Have Jewelry for 2021

In 2020, millions of women began working from home, which altered their wardrobe choices. As they mastered the art of doing business via Zoom calls, many began using jewelry to add a little sparkle to their appearance. With that in mind, many new jewelry trends are now focused on colors and vibrant concepts.  

Like home offices, these bolder, brighter looks have carried over into 2021 and influenced the year's jewelry trends. The hottest looks include rainbow-colored pieces, chains, eye-popping shoulder-length earrings, charms, beads, and pearls reworked in fresh new styles. 

Must-Have Jewelry for 2021

Necklaces Set the Tone for Summer

Whether women are working from home or want to add flattering pieces to their neck and face, the year's necklace trends offer dozens of options. For example, styles seen at Adina's Jewels include combo sets that mix classic chains with various bead necklaces, creating a fun, unique look.  

Beaded jewelry has been trending for several seasons, and in 2021, designers are offering beachy pieces made with shells. You can also wear the beautiful rose gold plated necklace that not only give you a nice look buy also looks helps to look attractive.  Wildflower necklaces in bright, summery colors are very in, as are turquoise beaded necklaces. Well-dressed women often mix and match these pieces to create a light, airy, summer look that can brighten up the most business-like Zoom call. 

Earrings Are Essential 

Like necklaces, earring trends have evolved in response to the "neck-up" style adopted for internet video conferencing. Understated studs that work well in person do not add much interest to a live online call. With that in mind, designers have amped up the style wattage and created some hard-to-miss looks.  

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, drop-style earrings that reach the shoulder are red hot now, and the glitzier, the better. Sparkly crystal styles that catch the light are popular because they are interesting and flattering. Huggie earrings in bright colors are also a fad. For those who prefer studs but want earrings that stand out, gold flame stud earrings provide a unique look.  

Tokens and Charms Are Must-Have Pieces 

Charms and tokens have been trending for a few seasons and, in 2021, they are still in vogue—fashionistas wear chains with coins as well as hearts and charms that represent their interests. The style, reminiscent of bracelets worn by young women for decades, has been adapted to include charm necklaces and earrings.

Must-Have Jewelry for 2021

Candy-Colored Jewelry Adds Fun 

Jewelry designs for the summer of 2021 are as hot as the weather and include rainbow-hued pieces that reflect the season. Designers are offering hoop earrings adorned with charms and stones in summer colors like turquoise and brilliant greens. Well-dressed women are pairing white and neutral tops with gold necklaces that include clusters of multi-colored charms.

In some cases, designers have used candy-inspired colors to create pieces that replicate childhood delights. These include rubies that look like lollipops and bracelets resembling freshly baked goods. One designer used amethyst, sapphires, and carved pink opals to create a mushroom. There are also vibrantly colored enamel pieces resembling stretched taffy and beaded necklaces inspired by Skittles. 

Designers agree that this "happy" trend is not going anywhere because it looks great and offers versatility. There are no rules, and many trendsetters get creative when they mix and match colors with more sedate pieces.

Neon colors are very in right now. A bold style like a neon-bright statement ring or necklace adds a breezy, tropical vibe to any look. However, it is best to wear one of these dazzling pieces at a time since too many quickly become overwhelming. 

Chains Are Still Trending 

Runway models have been sporting chains in every length, metal, and style for several years, and the trend has not cooled off yet. In summer 2021, oversized, chunky chains have become must-have neckwear. They are always stylish because they can be worn with casual clothes or added to workwear to give professional ensembles some sparkle. The style is not limited to necklaces and can be found on other jewelry. For instance, huggie earrings with dangling chains are on-trend.

Many fashion-conscious women choose the biggest links they can find. Two-tone chains made with different types of metal are also chic. Fashion writers at Who What Wear highlight a gold and silver polished necklace that is actually two chains with links of different sizes. Pieces that include multiple chains are very in, and delicate lariats provide a more delicate version of chain chic.  

Classic Pearls Have a New Look 

Pearls are timeless and, in 2021, many pieces featuring these elegant stones are also innovative. Designers have incorporated pearls into a unique sunglass chain, cocktail rings, and mixed metals and pearls to create a range of trendy bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.   

Wearing pearls on chains has become huge. Fashion shows have featured models wearing layers of pearl necklaces of different lengths as well as oversized pearl earrings. It has become fashionable to add classic pearls to statement rings that include elements such as hammered metal and gems.   

But, even with all the updates, changes, and hot new styles, many fashionistas still wear their traditional pearl pieces. Pearl studs never go out of style, and some designers offer oversized versions. Of course, strands of classic pearls, worn alone or layered, never go out of style.  

Belly Chains Are Now a Thing

The celebrity trend of showing off toned abs has spawned a demand for belly chains. They may be worn alone, with a cropped top that shows off an enviable waist, or layered. Some women even wear them over fitted dresses. Bikini belly chains are especially in vogue.

Suppliers might advertise the pieces as waist, bikini, belly, or body chains and offer styles in various materials and designs. They can be fashioned of precious metals or offered in a range of fun materials. For example, rhinestone designs are considered cool, as are colorful beaded versions. There are even multilayer styles that include charms, tokens, and elements like butterflies.  

There is something for everyone among 2021's jewelry trends. Candy-colored pieces are just as fashionable as elegant pearls, and chains of all types are wildly popular. Designers offer bold earrings and necklaces that are perfect for at-home workers who need to add sparkle to their looks during Zoom calls. Charms and token jewelry remain long-time favorites, while belly chains are a new but very hot addition to the year's jewelry looks.

Must-Have Jewelry for 2021