December 14, 2023

Medication Options for Trichotillomania: Top 5 Pros and Cons Debunked



The treatment of trichotillomania is usually prescribed by the professional. One of the highly prescribed treatments is habit reversal training. This method helps you to learn how you can recognize situations when you are likely to pull your hair and how you can substitute that behavior. However, to enhance the habit reversal training, Habitware has introduced Keen2 wristware.

The wristwear assists in treating and managing unwanted habits so that you can start living life again. You can also include this under the medication process of trichotillomania, as it shows effective results. In this article, you will discover the pros and cons of treating trichotillomania through a bracelet. Continue reading to learn more:

Top Pros And Cons Of Medication Method Of Trichotillomania


Here are some pros and cons of treating trichotillomania using a smart wearable.

1. Ease To Use

The Keen Awareness bracelet is easy to use since most of you are habituated using your smartphones. Just as you operate a mobile application, the use of keen2 is similar. However, the awareness and response coach makes it easier to use and take control in assisting you.

Now you know how to treat trichotillomania. You can take control with the right mindset and response coach through this smart coach. Not only can you monitor your activity, but the bracelet will restrict you from biting your nails, thumb sucking, and other subconscious behavior.

2. Establish Your Fitness Objective

One of the benefits of this type of treatment is the facility of tracking your goal setting. This will further allow you to set personal goals for distance achieved, daily steps, and activity levels and develop healthy habits.

You can also customize your gesture and manage with the right mindset and response coach. It makes it even easier when you can monitor your day and examine your habits.

3. Monitor Activity


Another benefit of this fitness smart bracelet is its ability to monitor daily activity. There are special features in the tracker that add an overview of everyday movement. You can also see how close or far you are to reaching your goals. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride that keeps you motivated.

The smart wearable also offers a special feature of setting reminders for taking medicine, drinking water, and taking supplements.

4. Expensive To Buy

The HabitAware Keen Awareness bracelet has gained immense popularity in recent years. But one of the major drawbacks is its cost. The bracelet can be expensive, while some end models cost even a hundred dollars. Similarly, it might not be affordable for some individuals to purchase one. It can also be a waste of money if you are not regularly using the device for your treatment.

Different people buy the device with the intention to use it every day, but after a month or so, it is often neglected. Hence, it is significant to choose a device that suits your preferences and needs. You should also make sure that it is used regularly and offers value for money.

5.  Inaccuracy In Tracking Data

With the changing technological advancement, treating trichotillomania is getting simpler. This led to the introduction of the HabitAware Keen Awareness bracelet.

However, it is vital to note that not all fitness trackers rely on algorithms and sensors to estimate data; for instance, smart habit reversal training.

It is often observed that body type, skin color, and the tracker's position on the body can also affect the accuracy of the data collected.

In addition to that, fitness tracker estimates the number of calories burned. The individual might become discouraged and give up on the fitness goal altogether.

While the awareness bracelet can be a valuable tool in achieving habit goals, it is also significant in recognizing the drawback of relying on inaccurate data.

Summing Up!

Hence, taking control in curing trichotillomania is possible. Thousands of people are all over the globe and have taken measures to treat this disorder with HabitAware Keen Awareness.

When it comes to treating trichotillomania, wearing a fitness tracker enables you to distract yourself from pulling your hair. Therefore, it can also be stated that if you can heavily rely on this medication treatment process, it also works towards treating trichotillomania.

In the near future, this little wearable gadget will grow with fascinating capabilities and features. This will also help you gain skills about the pros and cons of fitness trackers.